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Smart American Household Essentials

Smart American Household Essentials: With 2022 approaching, smart home devices are gaining rapid popularity. Not only are these devices popular worldwide, but also amongst most American households as well. According to Statista, approximately thirty-seven percent of American households owned at least one smart home device in 2020, and that figure is only expected to rise in the coming years with smart home sales expected to reach about forty-seven billion US dollars by 2025.

Here are some smart home devices that could potentially become an essential part of every American Household in the coming years.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats are easier to control and provide the much-needed convenience one requires in the fast-paced world of today. Smart Thermostats don’t need to be constantly configured compared to their more traditional versions, and they also help in saving up and using less energy.

One perfect example is the Google Nest thermostat. It helps you in saving up energy which makes it much lighter on your pocket and is beneficial for the environment too. The Nest Thermostat comes with a unique motion detection sensor that operates the device to determine whether the user is at home or not. If the thermostat notices no motion for a long period it can turn itself down to save energy. 

Additionally, with a scheduling system in place, once the user adds a specific schedule according to their routine, the thermostat can turn down to save energy or to an eco-friendly more, and even turn back up prior to the arrival time so that users can find their homes to be at the perfect temperature when they arrive. 

With smart thermostats generally, users can simply change the temperature from wherever they are, whether they are inside the house or even away from home, and even through a simple voice command! Just pull up the respective app, speak into their phone, or tell the smart speaker to turn the temperature up or down and you’re good to go!

With HVAC systems, users are not sure when to check on their heating and cooling systems, but particularly with the Nest Thermostat, users can get notifications of whether they need to change their filters or if any maintenance of their air filtration system is required.

Smart Sprinklers

Smart sprinklers are considered to be one of the best options when it comes to looking into smart home devices for your houses. Most households have a lawn or backyards, and homeowners know how tedious of a task it is to maintain them.

With smart sprinklers such as the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, life can become much easier. These devices replace the sprinkler controller for your in-ground sprinkler through an interconnected app. Its mobile app allows you to control the sprinklers directly from your phone – whether it is to set up a watering calendar, create a schedule for the week, and simply to control whenever the sprinklers need to be turned on or off.

The mobile app enables users to get a preview of the weather forecast in order to set schedules accordingly. Instead of having to go all the way outside to turn your sprinklers on every morning, you can easily do just that with the app, or if your smart sprinkler monitors the weather like the Rachio 3 does, you won’t even have to do that since they will automatically switch off! The app will adapt to the watering schedule based on the local weather forecasts. 

Smart Sprinklers are the best option for lawns since they use a variety of details to determine what the best time and amount of water will be ideal for your lawn, given all the information that you provide such as soil type and the square yards. They can offer suggestions based on the information, such as how much and how fast the water from your soil will evaporate, and calculate and create different schedules as the seasons change. What is best about all these features combined is that they will help you save on water consumption and money, since the scheduling and weather awareness requires the sprinklers to turn on only when necessary.

Smart Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors are quite necessary when it comes to the safety of your household. With a Smoke Detector like the Nest, users can be aware of any fires by getting notified directly on their smartphone devices through their mobile apps.

Voice control and voice functionality are bonus features that you can find in a device like the Google Nest Protect. The Nest Protect will speak to you and let you know exactly where the fire has erupted. This is a great feature since it enables users to evacuate immediately especially when there are children or elderly individuals within the household. 

The Nest Protect even has the functionality of detecting and determining between both fast-burning and smoldering fires which aren’t as easy to determine using a more traditional smoke detector since they don’t support both technologies. Smart Smoke Detectors also have the capability of detecting any Carbon Monoxide leaks within the house. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas that is hard to detect, but smart smoke detectors make it easier to do so.

So if you’re looking to invest in some smart home gadgets to make your ordinary American home smart, then head on over to First Energy’s website and browse through their extensive catalog. You’ll surely find something useful!

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