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Write For Us Crypto – Check Latest Rules 2023 Here!

Unlock secrets of Crypto while showcasing your expertise! We’re seeking bloggers to share their insights on with your Write for Us Crypto guest posts.

Are you passionate about Crypto and eager to share your knowledge with like-minded individuals? Crypto enthusiasts are constantly seeking valuable insights and practical advice that cannot be detected by artificial intelligence algorithms. 

If you are a Cryptographer, you can share your knowledge via Write for Us Crypto write-ups.

About aspires to be a notable source of Crypto information. We invite you to contribute a write-up exclusively related to Crypto on is an engaging knowledge-based news platform publishing latest articles related to:

  • Banking,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Blockchain,
  • Business ideas,
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  • Mindfulness and Crypto
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  • Crypto Write for Us,
  • New Startup,
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  • Shopping Tips,
  • Technology,
  • Travel,
  • Trending News,
  • Website reviews, Etc.


  • Formal certification in Crypto/CBP/CCI is not mandatory. However, Contributors should demonstrate their knowledge and skills through well-written documents.
  • Prior professional experience in Crypto is preferred for Contributors.
  • Proficiency in crafting write-ups is essential.


  • Contributors should have thorough research skills on Crypto-related subjects.
  • Contributors should have comprehensive knowledge of various Crypto-related topics.
  • Contributors should understand Genuinereviews’s Crypto audience’s interests and preferences deeply.
  • Contributors should possess excellent written communication skills.

General guidelines/factors to discuss in Crypto Write for Us:

  • Crypto converting sensitive information into undecipherable code for protection.
  • RSA algorithm commonly used for secure data transmission.
  • Cryptanalysis as a process of decrypting encrypted messages without intended key.
  • Quantum Crypto ensuring secure communication using quantum mechanics principles.
  • Public key encryption uses one key for encryption and another for decryption.
  • An encryption algorithm resisting attacks even if attacker knows method.
  • Crypto ensuring authenticity of digital signatures using public key infrastructure.
  • Symmetric key encryption relying on a shared secret key known by sender and receiver.
  • Cryptographic protocols vital for secure communication over networks.
  • Write for Us + Crypto posts may discuss block ciphers encrypt data in fixed-size blocks, typically 64 or 128 bits.
  • Diffie-Hellman key exchange securely agreeing on keys between two parties.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) widely adopted for symmetric encryption.
  • Cryptographic hash functions verifying data integrity through fixed-size output.
  • Digital certificates ensure authenticity of online entities.
  • Crypto is crucial for securing online transactions using SSL/TLS.
  • Secure hashing algorithms like SHA-256 provide data integrity checks.
  • Cryptographically secureing pseudo-random number generators are vital for secure keys.
  • Side-channel attacking exploit leaked information during Crypto processes.
  • “Write for Us” + Crypto posts may discuss about Crypto ensuring data privacy in various communication channels.
  • Crypto’s strength in computational infeasibility of reversing encryption without proper key.
  • Include expert opinions and personal experiences.
  • Engage readers from various backgrounds and Crypto levels with an approachable tone.
  • Proofread content for clarity, typos, and misleading sentences.
  • Request comments and feedback, share write-ups, and provide relevant resource links, including websites/social media/books/magazines/forums/communities/blogs, Etc.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Crypto write-ups must be original and not copied.
  • Write-ups should have a high readability score and be free from grammatical errors.
  • Avoid passive voice and use an active voice in over 80% of articles.
  • Crypto + “Write for Us” posts must avoid redundancy, repetition, offensive information, words, or promotional links.
  • Appropriately use keywords for enhanced search engine optimization.

Content writing guidelines:

  • Provide accurate information, facts, and figures in Crypto write-ups.
  • Emphasize subject of Crypto and stay on topic.
  • Include backlinks, images without copyright, Do-followup links, an introductory section, and reference links.
  • Summarize key points in an unbiased conclusion for fairness.
  • Crypto write-ups should have a minimum of 800 words but not exceed 1,500 words.


  • AES/Block Ciphers/Blockchain Technology/Cryptanalysis Techniques/Cryptographically Secure Random Numbers/Data Protection/Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange/Digital Certificates/Signatures/Elliptic Curve Crypto/HMAC/Homomorphic Encryption/Kerberos Authentication/Key Management/Write for Us + Crypto on Message Authentication Codes/One-Time Pad/PGP/Post-Quantum Crypto/Public Key Encryption/Quantum Crypto/RSA/Secure Multiparty Computation/SHA/Side Channel Attacks/SSL/Stream Ciphers/Symmetric Key Encryption/Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
  • Cryptographic Access Controls/Agility/Algorithms/Anonymity/Audit Trails/Authentication/Authentication Token/Boundary/Chaotic/Ciphers/Clustering/Collusion Resistance/Compliance/Confidentiality/Data Authentication/Data Confidentiality/Data Decryption/Data Encryption/Data Integrity/Data Labeling/Data Remanence/Digital Rights Management/Discretionary Access Control/Elasticity/Firewalls/Hash Functions/Identity-Based Encryption/Indistinguishability/Integrity/Integrity Checking/Modes of Operation/Modularity/Multi-Factor Authentication/Nonce/Padding/Passwords/Policy/Primitives/Privacy/Protocols/Proximity/Puzzles/Quantum Key Distribution/Rainbow Tables/Randomness/Redundancy/Repudiation/Salting/Security Models/Side Channel Countermeasures/Steganography/Timestamps/Tokenization/Wallets/Wrappers/Zero Knowledge.
  • Cryptographic Key Agility/Backup/Derivation Functions/Destruction/Distribution/Escrow/Exchange/Generation/Lengths/Pair/Recovery/Recovery Agent/Revocation/Rotation/Sharing/Strength. 

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  • Share unique Crypto techniques to bolster community understanding.
  • Connect with top experts, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Establish authority by contributing cutting-edge insights to a discerning audience.
  • Gain visibility and respect within Crypto community.
  • Refine communication skills and articulate complex concepts concisely.
  • Contribute to a shared knowledge base via Crypto “Write for Us” posts, elevating field collectively.
  • Open doors to professional opportunities through heightened visibility.
  • Receive valuable input from peers, refining and validating your ideas.
  • Educate and empower others by simplifying intricate Crypto concepts.
  • Lay groundwork for potential collaborations and joint research initiatives.

Submitting write-ups:

  • Kindly submit your write-ups for review or direct publication to [email protected].
  • If you need any clarifications, please email Genuinereviews’s editorial team.

Crypto + “Write for Us” Resources:

  • Applied Cryptography(Bruce Schneier)
  • Cryptography Engineering(Bruce Schneier, Niels Ferguson, and Tadayoshi Kohno)
  • The Code Book(Simon Singh)

Final thoughts:

Please note that we retain right to modify or remove certain portions of your submission. Kindly note that once your Crypto write-ups are approved, you are prohibited from submitting them elsewhere. Genuinereviews’s team will reach out to you prior to publication of Crypto write-ups or within a 24-hour timeframe following submission. Contributors are free to takeup any topics related to Crypto.

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