Sportsshoesfit.Com Reviews (Aug) Is This Site Legit


Sportsshoesfit.Com Reviews (Aug) Is This Site Legit?

Sportsshoesfit.Com Reviews (Aug) Is This Site Legit? >> Here, in this article, we will go through the legitimacy of a shoe-selling e-commerce website. Read this article till the end.

There are many sneaker heads worldwide, especially in the United States, who like to purchase and collect varieties of sneakers and fulfill their demand. There are websites like present out there selling different kinds of Yeezy shoes.

So here in this article, we will do the Reviews and will go through all the essential details of this shoe selling website so that you can purchase any footwear from this website without any second thought, so to get all your doubts cleared about this very website read this article till the very end.

What Is

It is an e-commerce shoe selling website, and this website only deals with the exclusive products of Yeezy shoes and slides. The website deals with Yeezy shoes and slides like Yeezy350v2, Yeezy450, Yeezy700, Yeezy380, Yeezy450 and many more. 

But before making any purchase from this website, it is essential that we know that Is Legit or not, because there are several same fake websites present on the internet. Therefore, people end up getting scammed after purchasing shoes from these kinds of websites.


  • Official link of the website- Age- 5 days
  • Official email address- [email protected]
  • Address of the office- 331 Highpoint road Waco Georgia 30182 United States
  • Payment modes available on the website- PayPal, American Express, Master Card, VISA
  • Return Policy- Any item cannot be exchanged after 30 days. And if the items received are damaged/defective/ wrong size, they can be exchanged by sending an email to the official website. 
  • Before moving to Reviews, let us look at the shipping policy of the company. 
  • Shipping Policy- Items should be expected to be received after 15-20 business days of placing the order. 

Pros of the Website:

The pros of the website are given below:

  • The website has a valid HTTPS connection. 
  • Any blacklist engine has not detected the store. 

Cons of the Website:

The cons of the website are given below, and after reading this further, In the next part, we will read about Reviews.

  • The website has a deficient domain age of only five days. 
  • It has shallow popularity as it does not have any social media presence. 
  • The website does not have any reviews on any website. 
  • It has a very low Alexa ranking. 
  • Apart from all these, it also has a low trust rank, as low as 0.7 out of 100. 

Hereafter, reading all the specifications and pros and cons of this website, let us read about its legitimacy.

Is Legit 

The above-given facts establish that the legitimacy of the website is questionable. Many facts have helped us to believe the same. The website is very young which, has shallow popularity, and the most important fact is that there are no reviews of the website present anywhere.

The two most important factors that help us decide the legitimacy of any website are reviews of the webstore and domain age. Unfortunately, both of these factors go against this website. Thus we suggest our readers not wholly trust the website and wait for some time for the website to gain age, and even after that, if the website’s trust score doesn’t improve, then it would be better not to make any purchase from this website. Reviews:

After reading everything about this e-commerce shoe-selling website, let us read an unbiased review. This is a very young website that deals in varieties of Yeezy footwear. According to our reviews, the website stands in the category of fake websites. Because there are numerous demerits or cons related to this website, and other than that, this website has no customer reviews available, which makes it even more suspicious.

So we would recommend our readers to go through this website before making any purchase thoroughly, and we insist not to buy any shoe from this website as of now.


This particular article deals with an unbiased review of a shoe-selling e-commerce website. Here we have done an extensive research and a complete review that claims that this website is not legitimate and you should not purchase any of the shoes from here.

Have you ever got scammed online while purchasing a product? If yes, then do let us know about its consequences.

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