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Qtcinderella Deepfake Video: Check The Content Of Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter, Also Find Details On Qtcinderella AI Photo

This post on Qtcinderella Deepfake Video will discuss all the crucial details related to the latest controversy around Qtcinderella.

Do you know Qtcinderella? Have you heard the latest news about Qtcinderalla? Qtcinderalla is a twitch streamer who has been in some controversy for a few days. People from the United States are discussing the latest case of Qtcinderella. This post will explain all the crucial details related to the Qtcinderella Deepfake Video, so interested readers should stay tuned till the end.

What happened with Qtcinderella?

Qtcinderella is a live twitch streamer. She has thousands of views, and she mostly creates content on gaming. Recently, Qtcinderella has been struck with a controversial topic. For people wondering what we are talking about, let us explain it here. According to some Telegram sources, a twitch streamer named Atrioc posted a live stream on his twitch account where he visited a grownups website. There he saw some videos of other female streamers with whom he has collaborated. Because Atrioc was live, all the followers and viewers visited the website and watched the Qtcinderella AI Photo and video. 


We are not targeting or blaming anyone for anything through our posts. All the information provided in our article is researched and verified. 

Due to this, female streamers such as Qtcinderella were cornered and criticized by the internet. In addition, the videos damaged the reputation of the streamers. Following this, Qtcinderella decided to sue the people responsible for such a shameful act.

How did Atrioc react to the case?

Atrioc posted an apology video on his Twitch account where he apologized to all the streamers, and he also broke down in tears while doing so. He said he never intended to exploit a woman like this and tried apologizing to her female streamers. This case was also Viral on Reddit. He also said that he would pay compensation for the wrong acts he had performed. However, this does not mean anything, as the exploited female streamers did not forgive him. 

Qtcinderella also posted a video on her Twitch account where she cried in front of the camera and expressed how angry she was with everyone harassing her and targeting her due to the fake AI video. She also said she didn’t even want to look at her phone because of all the trolls on social media platforms like Tiktok. She said she would sue the website that created the deepfake videos and Atrioc, who circulated the website on a large scale.

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Many people are discussing the controversy related to Qtcinderella on social media platforms.


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To conclude this post, we do not support spreading fake videos of anyone as it can seriously harm someone’s reputation and can affect them. Please visit this link to learn more about the case 

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Qtcinderella Deepfake Video – FAQs

Q1. Who is Qtcinderella?

Answer: Qtcinderella is a live streamer on Twitch.

Q2. How were the deepfake videos of Qtcinderella leaked?

Answer: The deepfake videos of Qtcinderella were leaked by another streamer named Atrioc. 

Q3. How did Atrioc leak the deepfake videos?

Answer: Atrioc went live once, and he searched for deepfake videos and found some grownups videos of the female streamers. This case was also discussed on Instagram.

Q4. Is the website still available on the internet?

Answer: The website has been taken down as several streamers have reported the website.

Q5. Did Qtcinderella make the videos?

Answer: No, the videos were made by AI, and someone intentionally posted them on the internet and social media, like YouTube.

Q6. Did Atrioc apologize for the leak?

Answer: Yes, Atrioc apologized for the leak on his Twitch account.

Q7. Are deepfake videos available on social media platforms?

Answer: No, the videos have been deleted from social media platforms.

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