Is Simjuly Scam (July) Read This Review Before You Buy!


Is Simjuly Scam (July) Read This Review Before You Buy!

Is Simjuly Scam (July) Read This Review Before You Buy! >> Go through the below-provided article if you want to know the details about this website that provides women’s outfits throughout the globe.

Are you fond of buying new and fashionable clothes and want to fill your wardrobe with the latest outfits? Do you reside in the United States and looking for websites that provide good quality clothes at affordable prices and also deliver products worldwide? Today we will be reviewing Is Simjuly Scam and making our customers aware of this website that is a scam or legit website. 

Is this website legit? 

Today most of the website offers great deals and discounts. Still, it is the customer’s responsibility to recheck all the details and confirm whether a website is trustable or not and make themselves safer from scamming websites and then only place their orders. So here are some details about : 

  • The domain of Simjuly was created on 21 May 2021, which makes it a one and a half-month-old website.
  • The trust rank that obtains is only 40% which is not preferable.
  • We found that there were no Simjuly Reviews anywhere on the internet.
  • We got to know that this website is present on Facebook and has an active page.
  • There are no owner details obtained from the website 
  • The website has posted images instead of writing the address and contact details.

What is

The website claims that it is an e-commerce commerce store that provides the best experience to its customers through online mode. The website provides a range of products for women like party dresses, printed dresses, pyjamas, swimsuits, high heels etc., in their store. The website provides products worldwide with free shipping on orders above $99. Only a three-day return policy is acceptable by the company. Considering Is Simjuly Scam, we also found a Facebook page named on this website.

Specifications of : 

  • The official link of this website is
  • The domain age of this website is young.
  • The company offers a 5-15 day worldwide delivery
  • Free shipping on orders above $99.
  • The company provides order cancellation.
  • A 3-day return policy is available.
  • The email address for enquiry is: [email protected]
  • The contact details are 442032899821
  • The company’s address is 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, Greater London, England, WC1A 2RP.
  • Payment can be made through PayPal.

If you want to know more details related to Is Simjuly Scam, then continue to read the article to be more precise about your decision.

Pros of using : 

  • The company offers great discounts and deals on products 
  • There is a huge variety of products and accessories available here.
  • The SSL certificate used by the company is valid.

Cons of using : 

  • The company offers only a three-day return policy on orders 
  • The domain of this website is too young 
  • The trust score that managed to get is only 40%
  • The company have pasted a picture in place of the company address and contact details.
  • We could not find any authentic reviews based on this website.

What are the Simjuly Reviews by customers? 

Previous customers can help us in every way to find whether a website is a scam or not because these previous customers provide their valuable ratings and reviews that help us to know the quality of products, the service provided by the company and mainly the legitimacy of the website. 

Can you trust all online shopping websites? We doubt, let’s take some tips for safe online shopping. 

But keeping all of this in mind, we could not find any reviews provided by many customers about this website which makes us more doubtful that Is Simjuly Scam.

So after we read the above details and information, we can say that this website is too young to consider it as a scam or legit. So we can only say that you should currently stay away from this website and go with a trusted website to shop.


So, as we wrap up the article, we can say that you should not shop from this website for now as it is only a month old website and have no authentic reviews. 

We hope we made your queries clear with Is Simjuly ScamIf yes, then please write in the comment section.

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