Zion Williamson makes an unrealistic dunk amid the latest news from the New Orleans Pelicans (VIDEO)


TLatest news about Zion Williamson sent allNew Orleans Pelicans The fans are furious, they really hoped he would come back for at least the last 10 games of the season. There have been several reports that the young star has made a full recovery from his ankle surgery as he continues to tell his inner circle that he is ready to return to action. But the team’s management doesn’t want to risk him getting hurt again, especially with so few games left in the regular season. For now, Zion’s absence has left the Pelicans with a disastrous 30-42 record after a recent three-point loss to the Charlotte Hornets. Due to these recent losses, Xion is desperate to help his team. He sees his return this season as the perfect way to warm up for the next one. But the owners of the team will not agree to this.

Zion pushes the team into a nasty dunk video.

To turn fans against the team’s management, Zion Williamson decided to react to the news on Tuesday with his own form of protest. He uploaded a video of a dunk he did completely shirtless in great shape and ready to play tomorrow. The dunk he made would have easily won this season’s dunk competition against anyone else. In the video, Sion hits the ball off the backboard and then takes it under the leg before doing a dirty dunk for his followers. Needless to say, the response from all the fans was overwhelming as they demanded that Williamson return to action as soon as possible.

But the Pelicans’ reaction may not be what Zion or his fans expect, as they see no reward in risking their best asset in a season that feels completely lost to them. Over the next few weeks, we’ll see a new power struggle as Zion regularly posts more videos proving that he’s indeed back on his best form. If the Pelicans continue to ignore his requests, there’s a good chance Sion will feel a lack of motivation from his own team. Listen or not, it’s clear that Zion Williamson appears to have made a full recovery. This means that his return to full activity at his best level is closer than ever before.


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