Zinchenko’s post wishing Putin “an excruciating, painful death” was removed from Instagram.


Alexander Zinchenko stated that Instagram deleted his story, in which Manchester the player wished for death RussianPresident Vladimir Putin.

Thursday morning saw Insert launch a military operation against Ukrainewhat caused Zinchenko be very sorry Russiasocial media solution.

“I hope you die the most painful agonizing death ever, creature,” read the caption to the post. Insertphoto in Zinchenkostory on instagram.

Insert announced on Thursday that Russia launch a military attack on Ukraine and threatened those who intended to intervene to face the consequences.

Zinchenko’s emotional message of support

in Manchester On Tuesday, the player took to Instagram to show his support for his compatriots through an emotional message.

“The whole civilized world is concerned about the situation in my country”, Zinchenko wrote.

“I cannot stand aside and strive to convey my point of view. The photo shows my country. The country where I was born and raised.

“The country whose colors I defend in the international sports arena. A country that we are trying to glorify and develop.

“A country whose borders must remain inviolable. My country belongs to the Ukrainians and no one will ever be able to appropriate it. We will not surrender! Glory Ukraine.”

Shevchenko’s reaction

the form Ukraine attack Andrey Shevchenko posted a photo of his country’s map on Wednesday to send his own message of unity on social media.

Ukraine My motherland! I have always been proud of my people and my country.” Shevchenko posted on Instagram.

“We have gone through many difficult times and over the past 30 years we have matured as a nation! A nation of sincere, hardworking and freedom-loving citizens. This is our most important asset! But we must unite! In unity we will win! Glory Ukraine!”


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