Zendaya and Tom Holland Date at Louvre Museum in Paris

Zendaya and Tom Holland Date at Louvre Museum in Paris

There will be no accolades or box seats for these two. The king and queen of the Zoomer box office, Tom Holland and Zendaya, were recently spotted visiting the Louvre in Paris.

this Spider Man The lead actors were photographed holding hands while they waited in line as they walked around the Louvre museum in Paris on Friday. Zendaya, 26, wore a shirt dress and a pair of glasses, while Holland, 26, wore a striped sweater with folded sleeves.

Zendaya and Holland They were spotted in New York around Zendaya’s birthday last month. They were caught holding coffee together in Manhattan on September 2, the day after his birthday, and had dinner at New York’s MAMO restaurant the day before on his special day.

Emmy winner on your birthday euphoria The actress shared a photo of a teenager smiling in the pool and thanked her fans for their support when she was a year older.

“I spend the day replying to the most beautiful messages (sorry I’m a little late) thank you for filling my heart with so much love, I couldn’t be more grateful ?” she wrote. “Here to 26!”

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Here you can check out some pictures of Tom Holland and Zendaya from Their History.

The Emmy winner and her boyfriend keep their relationship a closely guarded secret and finally reveal their connection after they’re caught kissing in a vehicle. They never walk the red carpet together, not even at the Emmys. Despite their busy schedules that travel for date nights and reportedly for days, they clearly make time for each other.

The Netherlands traveled from New York to Budapest, where Zendaya was filming Dune 2. The Netherlands is currently on a social media holiday, but Zendaya shared a touching black-and-white photo of the two hugging on her birthday in June.

While the actor prefers to keep his relationship life private, he never hesitates to praise his partner in GQ’s cover story, describing Zendaya as “important” in his life, while admitting that it’s “confusing” to take a look at the intimate time they’ve spent together. and the “invading” face of the world.


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