“Zemmour’s candidate in America was indeed at En Marche last year,” say LREM executives – Le Courrier des Amériques


Alain Ouelhadj, candidate of the Reconquest party! Eric Zemmour in the parliamentary elections next June in the US / Canada constituency, secured last Saturday in Mail of the Americas that he was never in LREM ; that it was the Macronist Party that contacted him; that he “thought” about it, but he was never a part of it. This question is important because moving from Emmanuel Macron’s party to Eric Zemmour’s party in less than a year would be a rather strange “big step”, probably unique in the world at this speed and which would require some explanations anyway. The two sides of “En Marche” and “Reconquête” have radically opposing positions on almost all issues. But Alain Ouelhadj categorically denies being a member of En Marche.

As we explained in this article on Saturday, Alain Ouelhadj was still present at the Zoom En Encounter meeting on January 30, 2021 to prepare for the consular elections (see tweet above or click on the image to the right). He claims that he no longer remembers it. But the people who organized Benoît Duverneuil’s candidacy for the Florida consular elections in 2019 still state that Alain Ouelhadj was already present at the first En Marche meeting in the fall of 2019 at a restaurant in the neighborhood of Brickell to Miami. Benoît Duverneuil confirms this himself, but also Cyril and other Benoît who were present at the meeting.

This statement is not new at all The Courier of the Americasbecause Benoît Duverneuil always assured that he had met Alain Ouelhadj at the time: I have met Alain Ouelhad for En Marche maybe three times and always at his request “Sylvain, who was to be a candidate on Benoît’s list (elections were postponed due to the pandemic), says Alain Ouelhadj.” then he appeared in February 2021 in groups on Facebook En Marche and by the way, I just checked it and it’s still there today “.

Screenshot taken on May 4, 2022 at 11:50 and 20 seconds: Alain Ouelhadj was still in the group on Facebook En Marche Florida
Screenshot taken on May 4, 2022 at 11:50 (and 20 seconds): Alain Ouelhadj was still in the group on Facebook En Marche Florida

But at a sign that seems more decisive, the executive sends us a screenshot of his ensemble in Florida, which shows that a certain “Alain O” at the age of 66 and living in Miami Beach has actually joined En Marche le / c ‘, it means just before the first consular election meetings. Alain Ouelhadj, aware that the courier had this information, still assured on Wednesday, May 4: I have never been a member of En Marche “.

However, in a text message discussion with Benoît Duverneuil on the same day (October 8, 2019), Alain Ouelhadj told him that he had just joined LREM.

Photo word search "Alaine" in the members of the Florida Marching Committee
Photographs of the search for the word “Alain” by members of the Florida March Committee, Monday, May 2, 2022 at 2:46 p.m.

So between meeting in the fall of 2019 and joining the group on Facebook In Marche, Florida On February 1, 2021, more than a year passed, during which Alain Ouelhadj, according to local activists from En Marche, attended the presidential party, and according to them, it should not have formed numbers. And Eric Zemmour’s presidential adventure begins a few months later.

Consistent problem: LREM membership is not annual. Which means if you’re a member … you are, until you log out (or someone unsubscribes). If Alain Ouelhadj is really in this set of members, then it would mean that the current candidate Éric Zemmour is … still a member of En Marche!


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