Zelensky sums up Limán’s release: “It’s completely cleared, glory to Ukraine!”


“Leman City was wiped out.” He celebrated with these words Vladimir Zelensky The restoration of this strategic enclave, located at the gateway of the Donetsk region and neighboring Luhansk. Thanks to a successful counter-offensive in Kyiv, the territory, which has been in Russian hands since the end of May, is back under Ukrainian control.

“From 12:30 pm, Liman is fully awake. Thanks to our army, our soldiers. Glory to Ukraine”, Ukraine’s president via Videos posted on Telegram.

The reconquest of Liman by Ukrainian forces provided Zelensky with a key strategic foothold to push further east.Controlling Limán is crucial because it constitutes a Knot railway The base has been one of Russia’s main bases in its military operations Kramatorsk Yes slovyanskthe two basic fortresses of the Ukrainian army in Donetsk.

Volodimir Zelensky is on his Telegram channel this Sunday.

The city is used by the Russian military as an important transportation hub. About 5,000 Russian soldiers remained under siege on Saturday, according to Ukrainian estimates, in the largest siege of a Russian contingent since the war began.

Likewise, Liman is also located in the southeast Izimin the area Kharkivthe Ukrainian army liberated these places along with the whole province in the latest counteroffensive.

[Ucrania cerca Limán con 5.000 soldados rusos dentro y desafía la nueva frontera de Putin]

“The Road to the Donbass”

The Ukrainian army intends to transform the conquest of Liman into “opening the road to the Donbass,” as announced Saturday by Sheriy Cherevy, spokesman for the Ukrainian Army’s Eastern Army.

On Saturday, the spokesman for the Russian Army, General Igor Konashenkov, confirmed the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city. “Because of the threat of siege, Allied troops retreated from the settlements to more favorable routes,” Konashenkov explained in a news conference collected by TASS.

[Ucrania frena su avance sobre el Donbás en Limán mientras espera la llegada de las tropas rusas]

Konashenkov did not confirm exactly how many Russian soldiers remained in Liman, saying only that the breakthrough in the Ukrainian siege led to the death of about 200 soldiers ordered by the Kyiv government, without providing further details.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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