Zelensky speaks to the House of Representatives today: “In Borodyanka, the situation could be worse than in Butha”


President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, speaking in the House of Representatives on Tuesday afternoon.Are you still shocked his visit to buchathe city after Mariupol left its harshest images warCruelty to civilians confirmed Vladimir Putin as a war criminal.

Zelensky also intervened at the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday, and in addition to being president, the main voice of the Ukrainian resistance movement. He chose to stay in his country in order to incite his army and his people and from there to send a message to the world to accept the demands of different parliaments.

In all of this, he refers to some historical facts that call for reflection and sympathy for Ukrainians by local representatives.Remember 9/11 to the US Congress, Berlin Wall to the Bundestag o Verdun to the French National Assembly. Not sure which episode of Spanish history he will choose.

President of the Court, Meritxell Batetwill begin institutional activities at 5 p.m. and in his official invitation to express words of welcome and solidarity, expressing his admiration for “the steadfast struggle of Ukrainian citizens to defend their freedom and sovereignty from aggression”.

In hemicycle you will hear the voice of the president of the government, Pedro Sanchezand twelve ministers (Vice Presidents Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz; Félix Bolaños, José Manuel Albares, Pilar Llop, Margarita Robles, Isabel Rodríguez, Carolina Darias, Irene Montero, Ione Belarra, Diana Morant and José Luis Escrivá). Senators will also be in attendance.

Butcha, Borodyanka

Sánchez to speak in final hours after Zelenski – this Monday Wake up in Spain!– Condemned the invasion again, comparing “dictator” Putin with Europe’s “far right”, ensuring that one of the parties intends to “impose an imaginary society”.

In the atmosphere, Bucha’s feeling might not be the worst thing we’ve seen. “There is news – Zelensky himself told – that the number of civilian casualties may be higher in Borodyanka and some other liberated Ukrainian cities”. Borodyanka is located 25 km west of Bucha.

Russia takes no responsibility for the Holocaust and talks about the ‘setup’ i.e. The corpse will be an actor or a doll. Anyway, Bucha marks a turning point that has even been reached undermine the unity of the European Union Because of Germany’s refusal to use Russian gas.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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