Zelensky responds to Putin: Ukraine formally asks to join NATO quickly


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Friday, will formally request The country joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) through emergency procedures.

In Telegram videos, ukrainian leader He appears to have signed the application to join the league, noting that he is already a “de facto” member of the league. Now, he adds, he wants to be part of “de iure”.

In his view, Ukraine has shown that it is fully compatible After months of mutual cooperation, NATO has set the standard for its expansion. “We are taking a decisive step,” Zelensky stressed.

However, accession is not automatic, but member states must first accept the request Then start negotiating.

The Ukrainian president made the announcement shortly after a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Four territories annexation treaties signed Military occupation of eastern Ukraine.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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