Zelensky faces Russian siege reinforcements: he withdraws soldiers from six peacekeeping missions


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Russia’s attack on Ukraine continue to rise. President Vladimir Putin It has been decided to go further and intensify the bombardment of the area around Kyiv. According to British intelligence, Russian troops are already 25 kilometers from the capital.

In the face of Russia’s relentless attack, the Ukrainian president, Vladimir Zelensky, decided to increase troops to defend the country. To this end, it will withdraw its peacekeeping forces operating around the world in the coming days.

always Ukrainian parliament (The Verkhovna Rada) approved the order given by Zelinsky. “It has been decided to convene Ukrainian peacekeepers from all over the world. The purpose is to participate in the protection of national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the legislature explained.

According to the page of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, The country has donated since 1992 to international peacekeeping missions.

Ukrainians take part in Blue Helmets peacekeeping in six locations around the world: Democratic Republic of Congo, in South Sudan, Cyprus, Kosovo, Abyei (between Sudan and South Sudan) and Mali. The largest Ukrainian peacekeeping force is in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ukrainian soldiers outside Kyiv after clashes with Russian troops.

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Although Ukrainian soldiers are currently doing better than the Kremlin had hoped at first, Putin still obsessed with controlling Kyivthe strategic location of its attack.

250 soldiers and 8 helicopters

until 250 Ukrainian soldiers deployed Eight more helicopters have returned to their country to join the fight on a peace mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Minusco), as the United Nations has confirmed.

This is the first detachment to return to Ukraine after Zelensky’s decision.the goal is All the “Blue Helmets” are back “Participate in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

UN spokesman Stéhane Dujarric has made it clear that Minusco soldiers will also join 22 gendarmerie and 26 civilian staff Take part in five other peacekeeping missions around the world.

The spokesperson clarified that withdrawal of troops from international missions is the sovereign right of every country and thanked them for their “Long-term contribution to peace efforts”he has participated since 1992.

Dujarric said that once the 298 soldiers and civilians are evacuated, no Ukrainian will continue to carry out the peacekeeping mission.

Russian soldiers on the streets of Donetsk on Friday.

Russian soldiers on the streets of Donetsk on Friday.

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“Huge” losses

Zelensky on Saturday assured losses of Russian troops since the invasion of Russia began on February 24 They are “huge”.

In a video message broadcast on his Telegram channel and broadcast by the local agency Interfax-Ukraine, Zelensky highlighted the Difficulties encountered by the Russian army After 17 days of fighting, control the country.

“The losses of the Russian army are enormous. The dynamics of the loss of the invaders on the 17th have been such that we can say with confidence: this is Biggest blow to Russian military in decades. They have never suffered so much in so many days,” Zelensky said.

According to the Ukrainian president, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 31 tactical groups of the Russian battalion They have lost their fighting ability.

“The Russian army surrendered not only individually, but as a whole … the loss of the technical capabilities of the invaders they are awesome“, he stressed.

A refrigerated cargo warehouse in Kvitnev, Kyiv region of Ukraine, burns after shelling.

A refrigerated cargo warehouse in Kvitnev, Kyiv region of Ukraine, burns after shelling.


“Over 360 tanks. A total of 1205 armored vehicles. And that’s not counting the losses in the fight tonight and in the morning. There are already about 60 aircraft. More than 80 helicopters. Hundreds of units from other teams. Especially the most modern designs that Russia is proud of,” he added.

The Ukrainian president, whose figures could not be corroborated by independent sources, stressed that “most armies in the world have nothing as much as the Russian army lost during the invasion.”

Russian-Ukrainian War


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