Zelensky believes NATO and US did not reach agreement with Russia behind Ukraine’s back


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we have exceeded February 16Considered to be the date Russia is going carry out their invasion of Ukraine Same situation as last week.Moscow Some troops have been withdrawnbut most of its troops are still deployed near the Ukrainian border.

From the Kremlin, they mocked the fact that Western media marked specific dates on their calendars. “I asked the disinformation media in the US (US) and UK because Bloomberg, New York Times, Sun and others, publish our calendar for next year’s ‘invasion’ so that I can plan my vacation,” a Russian foreign ministry spokesman wrote on Wednesday. Maria Zakharovaon his Telegram channel.

But the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskyno kidding, although he is satisfied with the support of NATO, the US and the European Union (EU); admits ” Diplomatic pressure It has worked,” but he also made his doubts public, explaining that he believed there would not be a deal with Moscow behind Ukraine’s back.

“I like to believe that diplomacy will not make a deal with Russia without us. The signs are different, but now is not the time to believe the signs,” the Ukrainian president said.

Zelensky also assured that his country “is not afraid of any enemy” nor is it afraid of Predictions on the date of the Russian attackand assured that the country “will defend itself”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky talks to his soldiers in Mariupol, in the southeast of the country.


“We will not back down, we will not give up. Our strength and will, our steadfastness, our courage and our wisdom are united. These eight years ( Donbas War). We are not afraid of any predictions, of people, of the enemy, because we will defend ourselves on February 16, February 17, March, April, September and December,” he said in Mariupol (Southeastern Ukraine). the port city) told his soldiers. ).

The head of state stressed that under the current circumstances, The date and month of the possible Russian attack is irrelevant.

In addition, Zelensky noted the difference between what happened in 2014 when Russia illegally annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and supported separatist militias in Donbas and what is happening today.

“The war has been going on for eight years and we are stronger. We have a strong armed force, good diplomats, volunteers and resistance,” he added in the collected statement. Eph.

Zelensky used his remarks before the military in eastern Ukraine to assert that, Ukrainians ‘walking this road together’.

“We’re peaceful because we’re together. We’re strong because we’re together. We’re Ukrainians, that’s why we’re together. I’m so happy and honored to be president of this country, and this country has a day like this ,”He said.

Zelensky took part in exercises with Ukrainian troops in response to a possible Russian attack.

Zelensky took part in exercises with Ukrainian troops in response to a possible Russian attack.


Zelensky declared February 16 this year as “Reunification Day” as some reports suggested it could be the start of a Russian invasion.

That same Monday, the president announced in a telethon dedicated to “Unity Day” that he still had not observed the withdrawal of Russian troops.In fact, the United States warns Russia sends 7,000 new soldiers to Ukraine border.

“The situation is under control, we haven’t seen any changes, We saw a concentration of troops, a small rotation.I wouldn’t call it a retreat. I’m not going to jump to conclusions,” he said, adding, “We’ll see when we exit. “

Likewise, the Spanish Defense Minister, Margaret Oaksfrom Brussels’ NATO Defense Ministers Summit Assurance”no downgrade. The presence of the Russian military is unprecedented since World War II, which would allow an invasion of Ukraine at any time. “

As a result, tensions in Eastern Europe remain unchanged from last week. President of Russia, Vladimir PutinInsist in believing do not want any war with ukraine, but from Kiev they prepared for the worst.Especially after holding it for eight years Kremlin attack in Donbass. Sword Qi is still high. Nobody wants war, but that doesn’t mean it can’t break out anytime.: February 17, March, April…


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