Zelensky before the UN: ‘They raped women and cut their tongues in front of their children’


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Vladimir Zelenskythe President of Ukraine appeared United Nations Security Council Do it minutes before the Spanish congress, and with a clear, direct and powerful message: “There is a UN Security Council, but where is the peace? Where is the security? Where are the guarantees that the UN has to offer?

Ukraine’s president has argued that Russia is using its veto in the Security Council to “maintain impunity”. For this reason, he has demanded that Russia be expelled from the group in order to overcome these vetoes and take the necessary steps to prevent an invasion of his country. “If there is no other option, The next option is to let them dissolveZelensky told representatives of the 15 countries that make up the UN’s top decision-making body.

In this way, Zelensky denounced the Security Council in his speech in a video conference proved invalid In this crisis and warned that failure to act by the United Nations would spell the end of the rules-based international order.

“We must bring the aggressors to justice immediately, we must have resolve,” he explained, urging reforms within the United Nations to play a “more effective role (…) and provide the next generation with Effective responses to these threats prevent aggression and force the attackers to restore peace.”

Buddha massacre

All to avoid what has happened near Kyiv in recent days following the withdrawal of Russian troops.especially in the town of Bhaaccording to Zelensky, “There are no crimes that have not been committed. People are crushed to death, their legs are cut off, their throats are cut… They rape women and cut their tongues in front of their children. This is no different from other terrorist groups. too different,” added

President demands quick action from UN as ‘worst war crime since WWII’ Second World War is underway in Ukraine”.

He also demanded that those directly responsible and “those who gave orders in Russia be brought to justice” and asked the United Nations to help judge “full responsibility for Russia’s actions on Ukrainian soil.”

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