Zara’s spiral sandals to show off her legs


For these holidays, you can still buy clothes and accessories that will enhance your look and mood. is flip flops Zara spiral to show off your legs on New Year’s Eve, an elegant jewel that you will want at the best price.

You will love just seeing them because they are the triumph of the season and you wear them on all these special occasions.

We give you the details of Zara’s spiral sandals

In a beautiful Golden colorTo look good with your sequin garments, this high-heeled sandal has a spiral strap detail at the ankle and finished with a square toe.

This makes it completely original to be winning sandals for all parties wherever you go. With the spiral shape, it stylizes our leg and shows itself.

It also has AIRFIT® flexible technical latex composite foam insole, which is designed to offer greater comfort. Is one shoe comfortable, attractive and very original that has a heel height of 9 cm.

The price is just as fantastic: 49.95 euros, and now it is available in all available sizes, from 35 to 42.

Also, and if you want a more suffering model that looks good with everything and less daring, is the same model and for the same price in black. That way, they become basic in your wardrobe, but with that spiral touch that we like so much.

Zara's spiral sandals to show off her legs

With what to wear the most original sandal at the moment?

With everything you want, but especially with skirts, shorts, short dresses, etc. so that the sandal can be seen, because what stylizes and stars in this shoe is its spiral.

In any case, it fits well with what you want, such as jeans or trousers to wear, because it is the sandal for events.

In terms of its composition, its 100% polyurethane upper, 100% thermoplastic polyurethane sole, 100% polyurethane insole stand out. To take care of our clothes is to make them last longer and we also protect the environment.

This is one of the most magical and best fitting Zara shoes. It is preferable for the end of the year, whether it is in the petit committee, as the issue is to show these days. If not, you can too self-gift to the wise men, who always gives the best and our wishes. Do not miss it now that there are sizes, it’s soon over!

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