Zara’s skirt for a sailor look with jewel buttons


In navy color and very sophisticated. That’s how it is skirt from Zara for a sailor look. And it is that with this garment we will feel very elegant. We take her for walks by the sea and at night.

It has a bold midi design and a lot of details that make it a special garment. You must have it for this season!

How is the Zara skirt for a sailor look

It’s the high waisted skirt with fake jewel buttons on the front. A detail that makes the garment Zara one of the spring season’s most in demand. It also has a front opening at the bottom to be even sexier. It closes at the back with a hidden zipper in the seam.

Be in navy color, that tone that suits many garments. So we combine it with Tshirts in white, black and a variety of shades of blue. As we can see, it is an absolute spring garment that also lets you go with striped sweaters.

Midi style, depending on the height of each, feels really good with yourshigh-heeled sandals and matching bag when we want to go something more elegant. This is how we prefer it on our night out, also to go down to the beach, take walks by the sea and eat on terraces where we can combine it with many other garments that we already have or that we can also choose from Zara’s website.

Zara's skirt for a sailor look with jewel buttons

Sailor clothing is the best opportunity this season. And the best part is that they do not go out of fashion because we wear them many times both during the spring months and later when we are already in the summer.

where can you get this skirt

We see it on Zara’s website, which always comes with news and more. specificallyor the garment costs 29.95 euros, and is available in sizes from XS to XL. Something we like because we can now choose our size from different.

You buy it directly on the web and it is always much more convenient. This way you avoid queues and trips to Zara’s physical stores. But if you have one nearby, you can also go and try this skirt and buy other clothes or accessories that are the most and that you must have in the wardrobe in this new season that we have all released. Do not miss it and show it off now!

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