Zara’s ruffled shirt and skirt set for a romantic style

For your most special days, you need to go with your best clothes. We have recorded the set of ruffle shirt and skirt Zara. It has a romantic and bohemian style, and for this we love it.

It offers bright colors and very consistent with this time of year. Now you can make yourself this gift, because you deserve it.

How is the set shirt and ruffle skirt

It is from Zara and in light pink. It gives that naive air you need to have when you go to a dinner, a day with a terrace or a party with friends.

Colorful ruffle skirt

The volang miniskirt It is high waist with ruffles in contrast. It is manufactured within the Green to Wear 2.0 standard, with which Inditex strives to minimize the environmental impact of textile production.

That is why they have developed the Inditex The List program, which helps to guarantee both the purity of the production processes and the safety and health of the garments.

On the outside and the lining, this skirt is made of 100% polyester. His the price is 25.95 euros, and is now available in sizes XS to XL. So do not think about it and get this beautiful skirt which, in addition to the shirt, looks great with colored tops, t-shirts, black and white blouses and even pink.

ruffle shirt

For his part shirt What fits this skirt is a V-neckline and thin straps. It also has the details with ruffles that are finished in contrast. In the same light pink color, its price is 25.95 euros and it is also manufactured, both outdoors and indoors.n lining of 100% polyester.

Now you have XS, M, L and XL, so hurry because there are not all sizes left. Now it’s time to buy the blouse and the whole outfit, in addition to the fad, the shirt fits perfectly midi skirts, with shorts, jeans and also with straight trousers in black. In this way, it also serves to go to work.

Both garments are mostly and are bought on Zara’s website. This set gives harmonious and really beautiful silhouettes as it also serves to be the perfect wedding guest with your high-heeled sandals and other accessories such as the black bag. You can now have this set directly on Zara’s website! because it is easy and really accessible.

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