Zara’s most comfortable and elegant heels for all your looks


Can you imagine wearing high heels to the office where you feel as comfortable as wearing slippers?Although it looks utopian Zara Make your dreams come true with these shoes new autumn collection. They are very elegant with gold metal decorative details on the front. As such, they give you everything you need for a sophisticated and stylish office look without sacrificing comfort.

Zara’s most beautiful high heels

Once you try them on, you’ll have a shoe that’s never been so comfortable. 6.5cm high wide heel and flexible technical insole made of latex syntactic foam.Designed for maximum comfort.

Even in those days when you have a lot to do and get from place to place, They are ideal high heels. A black and square neckline with a pointed toe finish visually elongates and stylizes the legs. Add points!

Metal accents on the front give them a very refined touch.. As such, they offer the elegance of a pair of court shoes while offering the comfort of a pair of sneakers.

Of course, you can wear them on many other occasions besides going to the office, such asHave a romantic dinner with your partner Or go out with friends for a night out.

for one formal office lookyou can bet Blazer and Pants Pair with a shirt or blouse. A long coat is the perfect way to add the finishing touch and make a splash in your workplace.

if you prefer one casual style lookHow about jeans with a white poplin shirt and knitted vest? With the new Zara collection of shoes, you’re in for an ideal choice.

Go out at night, choose one faux leather mini skirt And combine it with great style with a body or top. A spectacular look to be the queen of the party.

Inditex’s flagship has just launched a wide-heeled shoe with embellishments, and it’s already a hit.You can find them in the online store by EUR 35.95 The numbers range from 35 to 41. You can also check the website for availability at your nearest Zara store.


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