Zara’s midi dress to feel like a Bridgerton and that you can wear all summer


You can not miss dress midi from zara. It is made of lace and you will feel like a Bridgerton because of its design. And it is that this series has marked a way of dressing and the brands capitulate at its feet with a variety of garments inspired by it.

Now we have a look at this ecru dress that you will want to wear and wear this summer.

How’s Zara’s midi dress?

We are talking about a romantic and elegant garment with a V-neck and short sleeves. Presents the matching lace application detail. It is tight and lets you see the waist in a very special way.

We wear it on many occasions because it is really elegant. This is the one indicated in the events where you have to show more of yourself and go a little more sophisticated. For night parties, communion and baptismat really special dinners and even during the day when we have lunch at a fantastic restaurant.

At least you have it now and you carry it both in the summer and other occasions jacketscardigans or blazer because you do not want to get rid of it.

Zara’s durable dress

It is beautiful and romantic and that is why you should choose it. But that is not the only reason. You will also want to buy it because it is durable, made with at least 25% recycled cotton.

Zara's midi dress to feel like a Bridgerton and that you can wear all summer

In this way, it is within the garments that, from Inditexproduced with the help of technologies and raw materials that help us reduce the environmental impact of our products.

It also carries the Green to Wear 2.0 standard and aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile production. So the main fabric of the dress is 51% polyester 5% elastane 44% cotton and the secondary fabric is 100% polyester, the sides are 83% cotton · 17% polyester.

It should be noted that recycled cotton is obtained from cotton textile waste which is classified by type and color to be later crushed and converted into a new cotton fiber.

How much does this dress cost?

It is available on Zara’s website and its price is 25.95 euros. You can buy it directly online because it is a really affordable price. The sizes that are available at the moment are S, M and L. So do not hesitate to choose yours because this dress is a winner when you go to an event and it is highly desirable. You already have it on the web from now on!

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