Zara’s long-sleeved blouse to wear with denim shorts

There are outstanding garments that elevate our look. We have listed the one you should have in your wardrobe. is blouse Zara of long-sleeved to wear with denim shorts, long and also with a skirt.

You can not miss it because it benefits a lot and the best thing is that it is versatile, that is, you wear it in an informal tone and then for the parties where you bring great elegance.

Discover Zara’s long-sleeved blouse

Among its characters, it is remarkable that it has many different colors. And it is a spring print that you can wear on many occasions.

It also presents bodice with V-neck and long sleeves with wrinkles on the shoulders. It has details about front knot and this makes her sexier. It closes on the side with a hidden zipper in the seam.

Happiness is that we wear it at all possible occasions. In a relaxed style, you can carry it with you Cowboysjeans type shorts and also with skirt pants with sports.

On the other hand, with these details, it’s that garment you wear with suit jackets, with black pants, pleated skirts and those high heels that are visible and that increase your height. And for this season also with the sandals you choose, both flat or with heels. You choose!

Zara's long-sleeved blouse to wear with denim shorts

What is clear is that with whatever you wear it, you will look good and you will attract attention.

what is it made of

The blouse Zara’s multicolor carries the Green to Wear 2.0 standard, which aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile production. To do this, Inditex has developed The List program, which guarantees both purity in production processes and the safety and health of their garments.

This blouse is made of 100% cottonso it is a quality garment that can last for several seasons.

How much does the multicolored blouse cost?

Its price is 27.95 euros and you have them in some sizes, but there are not many left so it’s time to buy it before it’s sold out. If you can not always send an email with your size for when it is ready again, because Zara will notify you when it is ready again.

Another option is to check that it is in the physical store, as there are many other garments there and it may be that your size is there. And by the way, take a walk to see other accessories that are there.

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