Zara’s leather boots that Amelia Bono chooses for gray days


Of a blue color, really original, you will want it boots zara fur What Amelia Bono select for gray days. We see her on her Instagram wearing this garment that dazzles everyone because it looks good with everything we are wearing.

They are really original and daring. And they will put them on you not only now in the spring, but also in the fall and winter.

Zara leather boots that Amelia Bono chooses

They are high-heeled boots and leather with animal prints, something that makes them even more original than they are. It has a thin heel to be able to walk more and finished in a lace.

Zara's leather boots that Amelia Bono chooses for gray days

One of its characteristics is that it has AIRFIT®, the flexible technical insole made of latex composite foam, designed to offer greater comfort. With this we go more comfortably everywhere. To be able to wear it daily, in the evening for dinner and also at a party where we can move more.

In addition, the height of the heel is 8 cm. So it’s not too high that we all need to show off our legs.

leather quality

It is a winning boot that will last you several seasons, especially for its high quality material. This time, Zara comes with a top accessory that you will not forget and it is the one chosen by influencers, precisely because it offers comfort and quality at the same time.

Zara's leather boots that Amelia Bono chooses for gray days

Zara works with monitoring programs to ensure compliance with safety, health and quality standards for its products.

The standards Green to Wear 2.0 aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile production. In this case, the incision in 100% cowhide stands out, because it is the lining on 80% polyester and 20% goatskin. The sole is made of 100% vulcanized rubber and the insole is made of 100% goatskin.

where we buy it

On Zara’s website. His the price is 129 euros, a really adapted price for the amount of material it has, especially that it is genuine leather. With this blue color, it surprises us all and is the very daring boot that we all want. At the moment it is available in sizes from 36 to 39, so if you are not in a hurry, your size can fly before it is too late.

Everything that influencers wear usually lasts quite a bit, and for this reason we comment that if your size is there, now is the time to buy it. You have it on Zara’s website and with the push of a button it is in your house!

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