Zara’s jacket in the purest Marta Ortega style as a wedding guest


Marta Ortega has been to this year’s wedding as a guest with a cape coat, Zara It has the jacket version that stays true to the style of this fashion expert. The daughter of Amancio Ortega has taken over the company in the days before she goes to a celebration where she has stood out for her most authentic styling. Martha reveals the cape as a flattering and elegant garment whose design is inspired by one blazer of its brand, Zara. If you have a wedding, baptism or communion, note that this garment is one of the hits of the season.

Marta Ortega reveals Zara blazer jacket

The season of celebration makes it necessary we focus on the most authentic garments to be the best dressed guests. We need to maximize our investment, get clothes that stand out and that we can wear on more than one occasion. Zara has the key to the absolute success of these design decks at low cost prices.

The cape is the garment that will dress up any look. Marta Ortega is a reference in fashion issues in our country that shows us in each of her official actions, the trends of the moment. The cloak that falls over his shoulders in the form of a signature coat has aroused everyone’s interest. Covers a simple brick dress with glory and glamor.

Zara has the same or more flattering Blazer version of the fur layer by Martha Ortega. Leaves the arms free, but also allows a most original styling that seems to come from another era. A garment that stands out for all parties, but also for everyday life.

Zara's jacket in the purest Marta Ortega style as a wedding guest

The pink color is one that Marta Ortega has already chosen and it’s also Queen Letizia’s favorite. We leave the blue that is combined with tiles on the dress and we choose an intense pink that the heiress to Inditex and also our queen has already worn. A tone that will be worn in spring summer.

The price of this jacket is only 79.95 euros. At the moment it is available in certain sizes, but after seeing Marta Ortega wear a similar garment, it will definitely sell out sometimes. Do not be without it, it is a high-fashion investment at a low cost price.

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