Zara’s belt can be worn over a white shirt


In many cases, accessories can give life and change an entire outfit. From shoes to bags, from belts to necklaces. For this reason, we have to get some of them in order to always provide a different look, thanks to them.that’s how he is belt Zara belt.

It’s colorful and nothing goes unnoticed. An oversized belt that allows you to wear a shirt, shirt And T-shirts.

How about Zara’s belt

It comes in two colors and draws attention. We are talking about a belt made of leather with two metal buckles.It is also sustainable, that is, it is Made of 100% Join Life tanned leather.

Under the Join Life apparel brand, Zara manufactures apparel using technologies and raw materials that help us reduce the environmental impact of our products.

This is how it’s done skin Tanning using more sustainable practices during the tanning process. These products are produced by Leather Working Group certified tanneries, whose goal is to assess leather manufacturers’ compliance and environmental performance and to promote more sustainable environmental practices, such as the use of renewable energy and technologies that reduce water usage.

Zara's belt can be worn over a white shirt

Two colors to show off more

This belt is available in two different colors. On the one hand, with black, everything looks manages to elevate white shirts and other colors, it is Plain or patterned shirts are acceptable They even offer different looks for t-shirts.

While burgundy offers a few different colors, you can provide those outfits that are a must for both the office and parties.Services for Shirts, sweaters, cardigans…you have a hard time choosing the colors, although the article is the same and the design is the same.

how much is this belt

It’s on the Zara website and Its price is 39.99 euros. This accessory is available in sizes 80 and 85 so you can wear it according to your body shape.

You buy directly from the Zara website, simple online store There are a lot of clothing and accessories in it. It offers comprehensive security and the ability to search, find, select a size and buy it in seconds is feasible.

The best thing is the comfort it offers, which is doable because you don’t have to move from home to buy it. Best of all, they bring it where you choose.


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