Zara the pure style of Sierra Nevada: this ski suit is ideal for going to the snow for less than a hundred euros


As the coldest weeks of the year approach, many people plan trips to windy and snowy tourist destinations, fully aware that in these places they must wear appropriate clothing to practice their favorite sports. Assuming you’re planning such a retreat, this one Ski overalls are ideal for going to the snow.

The climatic conditions in these places require the use of clothing specially designed to repel the elements. Especially for training different disciplines, but also walking through the snow, wearing a garment that protects you is key.

Zara trend: this ski overall is ideal for going to the snow

The ideal solution for wind and water

This technical suit with windproof and waterproof fabric, as the name suggests, has a triple inner layer with an outer coating with a membrane that prevents the penetration of water and air, which can seriously affect the wearer’s health.

If we add it offers high breathability, it is perfect for performing all kinds of activities in the water or in the snow. Thanks to its bi-elastic cover with a tight silhouette, it facilitates movement, so you have no restrictions when it comes to having fun.

In fact, it has been developed to provide maximum thermal comfort in temperatures down to -15°C, common in skiing and snowboarding.

Zara the pure style of Sierra Nevada: this ski suit is ideal for going to the snow for less than a hundred euros

Details that make the difference

The obvious advantages of this product compared to others like it lie in a number of details that clearly make the difference. First to highlight that high collar and long sleeves with a ski pass pocket that protects the skin from exposure to the cold environment.

But we also find one elastic belt attached with loops and clip closure, which secures it and reduces drag. Along with this some front pockets with waterproof zippers to store sensitive electronic devices like phone.

The set ends with one adjustable flared hem with zipper and double layer hem and a lower hem at the back than the front to accommodate boots, not forgetting the elastic inner cuff to be inserted into the shoe and prevent snow from entering.

Price and shipping

Available in sizes from XS to L, and in black and white, the price of this item is 99.95 euros, a cost commensurate with its quality. You can buy it and collect it in any of the Zara stores for free and thus ensure that you have your jumpsuit as soon as possible.


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