Zara takes geometric prints back into fashion with this fantastic dress


The geometric prints They come as the main characters in the fashion collections for spring and summer, and Zara offers us this dress to look beautiful and very comfortable. The dress has started to be sold this week, and has already sold out in the online store, although we can register our e-mail to receive a notification as soon as it is in stock again.

A beautiful dress, made of 100% organic cotton. Cotton is a good fabric all year round, but especially during the hot months. It is very soft and breathable; conducts moisture away from the body while removing heat from the skin.

That’s why Zara’s is one very fresh dress, which we will feel comfortable with from the first moment. With a lapel collar and long sleeves with cuffs, it has a panel hem and buttoning at the front.

Without a doubt, it is the most characteristic green geometric print, which gives a very modern and contemporary look to the garment. The dress is loose fitting, so it is not too tight or close to the body.

It’s not easy to find garments that allow us to be elegant and comfortable, but Zara knows very well how to do things. This is a dress that we can combine in many different ways, depending on what look we want to wear and the occasion.

for one comfortable and stylish daily lookto go out to eat or go to the office, with flat sandals or loafers melts beautifully. If we have a work meeting, we can also choose sandals or heels.

Regarding shoe color, we can continue the dress’s creamy white and green color scheme, or break the pattern and introduce a new color, such as orange or pink. Why not?

The wide dress with geometric print from the new Zara collection will be the star garment of the season and we do not want to be without it. A dress that we will surely wear a lot because, in addition to being the latest fashion, it is very comfortable and elegant. In addition, there is a great price in the online store for Inditex flagships, too € 39.95.

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