Zara swept the low-cost version of Queen Letizia’s red dress


This Queen Letizia Arrives in New York ready to give Spain the best face and skirt red low price tag Zara. Those who are always ready to stand out and give us one of the best outfits. The ultimate dress we can’t miss is this low cost, and it costs so much less than it looks. Narciso Rodríguez, the designer who has created a line of clothing at Zara, is worthy of being the queen, where we can get a great piece of clothing for less than it looks within everyone’s reach.

Queen Letizia in a red Zara dress

Zara is one of my favorite brands Spanish royal family, we have seen the appearance of clothing with this seal on many occasions. Queen Letizia’s arrival in New York was the moment to choose from the wardrobe of a designer piece that has become a bestseller.

Letizia She came to the Big Apple with a dress she already wore Martha Ortega. It is the essence of Zara and part of its original philosophy. This low cost has to bring fashion to all homes, and it will do so at a price the vast majority can afford. A garment by the famous designer Narciso Rodriguez is not everyday, thanks to Zara, it becomes ours.

The designer made a special capsule for Zara Wear amazing clothes. Out of all of them, Queen Letizia chose one of her favourite red dresses. A tribute to his country’s flag and one of the Spanish-made brands that have triumphed around the world. This dress is already a revolution and is seeking a second replacement.

Attractive neckline and pleats for a slimmer look. Letizia showed her best to a world that watched her. He was able to stand out thanks to his favorite color, a deep red that represents our country’s flag. A spectacular option that can be cheaper than it looks.

This dress It is sold online and in stores for 139 euros, we see it’s pending replacement, so it’ll be available soon. It is advisable to notify accordingly, write down our preferences for it, and wait for it to arrive. Otherwise we can run out of it, it has already sold out once.


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