Zara sweeps with the bag that you can tailor and where everything fits


You will surely love having a garment with your initials on. Well, that’s what you can do with it. bag from Zara that you can customize.

It is large in size, where everything fits. Do not miss it because it is on your favorite website where there are many more accessories and clothes of all kinds.

The Zara bag that you can customize

We’re talking about a bag format shoppers of skin One of the things that attracts the most attention is that there is an engraved letter detail on the front. This is usually your own initial or the one for the person you are giving this gift to.

It should be noted that this accessory has a lined inside with a pocket. It has shoulder straps for greater comfort and it also closes with a zipper for greater safety when carrying things from one place to another without the risk of them falling off.

For more information, you should know the dimensions of this accessory: Height x Width x Depth: 30 x 44.5 x 12 cm. As you will see, it is quite large, so you can take it everywhere and you can fit all the things you need.

For example wallet with moneydocumentation, the keys, the laptop, your favorite makeup. And if you go from one place to another sea of ​​comfortable.

The Zara bag that you can customize and where it takes everything

It’s a winning bag too many times. Because it is feasible on a daily basis, that is, for the office, because you can put everything you need for your work in it. But at the same time, take it to the evening event you want to go with your red pants, black jacket, with high heels or with sports to be more comfortable.

where we buy it

In strawberry red, you have it on Zara’s website. Its price is 129 euros. and you buy it directly in a very simple way. Then you add the initial you want from which you can choose and is available, which really is almost all in the alphabet.

what is it made of

This bag is within the Green to Wear 2.0 standard, which aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile production. So, and beyond, It is made of 100% goatskin and the lining is 100% cotton. Real quality material that offers diversity to enjoy the best accessories on this website that is always ahead when it comes to design.

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