Zara signs Amelia Bono’s dress, which is worthy of the Greek goddess, accentuating the tan

Amelia Bono’s skirt caused a virtual queue on the Zara website In the store, it is a clothing that will always look good. With this dress, it doesn’t matter if we are 20, 30, 40, 50 or older, we will feel like a real Greek goddess. Zara has been able to design skirt Authoritative, versatile, elegant and very feminine, inspired by great classics, the colors will make our skin look more tanned.If you want to get the most beautiful dresses from the new collection Zara, Take a good look at what it looks like Amelia Bono.

Amelia Bono has a Zara dress, which is comparable to the Greek goddess and highlights the tan

Amelia Bono is one of the influencers who can best demonstrate all the potential Zara’s clothing. This is the case with this dress. We may have seen it on the brand’s website, but if Amelia Bono hadn’t worn it and showed off on social media, we would never imagine its full potential.

exist With real bodies like Amelia Bono, we see beautiful cleavage. Being hung down, it perfectly outlines the upper part and becomes prominent with a simple strap. Amelia does not need any accessories to highlight the beauty of the skirt and her body, just some golden earrings can enhance the tanning effect we are looking for.

It is knotted or draped in the center to reduce optical effects. It seems that we have lost weight, or we can easily hide the abdomen. If you are a little complicated or have recently become a mother, this dress is perfect. It will make you great right now.

The fold style of the fabric makes us forget about ironing. One of the disadvantages of certain dresses is that they wrinkle easily. Made of crumpled fabric, we don’t have to worry, it will always be beautiful. We can put it in a suitcase and travel the world with it.

It is a mid-length, but the skirt has an opening. If we are short, this detail is very important. Showing off your legs can also increase your height a bit. Amelia combines this dress with high-heeled sandals, which are perfect for feeling comfortable and adding inches. This dress really has everything and one more thing.

this The price of this gem is 29.95 eurosA good investment for daily or special occasions, as worn by Amelia Bono, it is perfect for formal events, but paired with sneakers and denim jackets are also suitable for walking in the city or arriving at the office.

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