Zara saves a 90s Chanel suit and makes it the best-selling jacket this autumn


Zara has created an iconic piece a blazer inspired by Chanel’s mythical pink suit which caused a sensation in the 90s. Dressing up as if we were the glamor queens a few decades ago is possible this new Zara season for very little money. The Chanel style is always a reference and in this case it is what turns a simple jacket into something more. If you are looking for a jacket to go back to the office, this blazer will make your deepest dreams come true, a Chanel at the price of Zara.

The legendary Chanel suit from the 90s is the source of inspiration for this Zara jacket for autumn

Chanel is a luxury brand. The French design is perceived in the selected fabrics, the size and the details that make the difference. This bestselling suit is the update of the one he wore Jackie kennedy the day of her husband’s murder. That part has been in custody since Jackie decided not to remove it so that the whole world could see the human cruelty. A garment that gave him strength and that he returned in the 90s updated.

The color was more intense, but the line was the same. A two-piece skirt and jacket used for a working woman who had come to the office with the intention of taking over the world. The Chanel suit is in a way what marks the beginning of a new era. During the XXI century, Zara reminds us of the importance of a garment for everyday life.

Zara saves a 90s Chanel suit and makes it the best-selling jacket this autumn

A blazer with all the power from Chanel for our dreams to come true. It is not easy to go back to the office, especially with young children or a long to-do list. To recover from those early days, nothing better than getting an iconic piece like this.

In a lighter pink color and luxurious details, This blazer allows us to leave home as real millionaires in search of great commercial deals. An ideal Chanel style for everyday use. Tweed fabric, the queen’s favorite Letizia, Jackie Kennedy pink color and gold details. With jeans, trousers or a skirt, we will be able to create a haute couture look at a very low price. 59.95 euros is the price of this jewel with low cost design.

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