Zara poked it with this clone of a Gucci bag for 2,000 euros less

Zara has done it again, she has a clone of a Gucci bag for no more or less than a discount of 2,000 euros. It’s time to get a luxury bag to carry this winter, we will not skimp on design, but we will save a few thousand euros. If you’re a fan of gucci and you want to get an accessory that seems to have been taken from one of their stores, go to Zara in search of this wonder.

Gucci is the source of inspiration for this Zara bag

Our low-cost brand par excellencecia has launched for a luxurious design, the mythical one handbag Gucci finally gets to Zara and does it through the front door. Zara’s philosophy is to bring home the most authentic and luxurious fashion at the best price. In this way, everyone can enjoy the latest trends, but also the great classics.

High-end bags have the peculiarity of these are iconic pieces which has been part of the most luxurious collections and wardrobes for decades. They are authentic symbols of the identity of the major brands. Gucci is no exception, at first glance we identify a bag that we have seen in movies or in the hands of celebrities.

A shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for everyday life. We can enjoy the complement we need for day and night. With some jeans to go out shopping or with a good dress for an evening or official act. This bag will be combined with everything and will always look good. It is that wild card element that can be combined even with a tracksuit, it will never fail.

The metallic detail is what adds glamor. This kind of detail that Zara’s bag shares with Gucci is what makes it an iconic piece. It is not a conventional crossbody bag, but instead focuses on a basic design that looks like something from a luxury store. Zara chooses to recreate the Gucci letters, in a different way.

Zara’s pressure is more striking than Gucci’s. The Spanish low-cost has chosen to use a coconut type, to give more style to their shoulder bag. The Gucci bag is simpler or classic, in such a way that, because it is made of leather, it manages to give the finish the touch that every luxury bag deserves.

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