Zara makes us all fall in love with her Valentine’s collection: Bet on red!


Finally comes one of the most romantic days of the year. And for that Zara we all fall in love with his collection of Valentine’s Day where you are of course betting on red.

So we are going to walk the sea of ​​sophisticated one of the most special days. Write down which one you keep or if you get two or three.

Zara’s Valentine’s collection

we love jacket belt in limited edition with lapel collar and long sleeves with flared lines. It has pockets with lids at the front and tie belts in the same fabric. Its price is 69.95 euros and you have it in different sizes. Buy now online and get the garment before anyone else.

For this day, there is nothing better than choosing a dress to be really elegant. If you have a dinner party, you will love the silk dress. Limited edition, it is cMade of 100% silk, and has a flowing draped neckline and long sleeves with a slit at the cuffs. Its price is 129 euros. It will make you feel good!

Zara makes us all fall in love with her Valentine's collection: Bet on red!

You can not miss Flare in 100% since. It has a lapel collar and long sleeves with slotted cuffs and folds, with a yoke detail on the back with a fold. Its price is 69.95 euros, and you can combine it with the previous jacket, in a total red look that will arouse the interest of your loved one.

Zara makes us all fall in love with her Valentine's collection: Bet on red!

The short and long sleeved dress It’s quite an attraction for this day. They will look really nice, and you’re wearing it with the jacket shown above. In this case, and in a limited edition, it belongs to the Zara collection for Valentine’s Day.

In this case, we are talking about a short satin dress with a round neckline and sleeves under the elbow with an opening. The hem ends with side slits with closure at the back with a hidden zipper in the seam, opening and metal hook.

Zara makes us all fall in love with her Valentine's collection: Bet on red!

Its price is 49.95 euros and will raise all your senses. It is available in all sizes so do not think about it and buy it, think that it is a limited edition and the sizes will not be replaced in this case.

As you can see, Zara gives you the most beautiful garments so that Valentine’s Day is an experience to wear the red look you deserve. There are more garments, so go into the collection and invest in them.

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