Zara lace bra: you limited edition, perfect for a look with transparencies


Zara has a lace bra in a limited edition perfect for your most daring look with transparencies for much less than you imagine. Taking care of your underwear is almost as important as your outerwear. Aware of this fact, Zara has not hesitated to create a limited edition lingerie collection for the most demanding women. It’s time to give everything, invest in transparencies and do it in the best possible way, with the right underwear to show them off. This season Zara he takes with you bra lace dress in limited edition you have been waiting for.

Zara has the perfect lace bra: you limited edition for a transparent look

The new limited edition of Zara’s lingerie has that middle piece a bra with lace who will be the best ally of a look with transparencies. Showing the bra is no longer something we do at the right time, but on the contrary, we will be able to show it in an exemplary way with the piece of underwear suitable.

Underwear is as personal as the outerwear itself. We take care of it and make it appear in such a way that it stands out even more. We are not only committed to the comfort that this type of garment should give us, but also the ability to highlight our best qualities in the best possible way.

It’s a underwire bra. This fact keeps the breast in perfect condition, it can even be a little higher. Since it is a part of the body that can be affected by changes, we will take maximum care of it. After the birth if we do not breastfeed or over time, we need all sorts of tools to show off a beautiful breast.

The soft black lace turns this piece into a work of art. This type of fabric is always available in underwear, it is a base that helps us feel extra good with a very feminine element. We want to show a garment that thanks to the transparencies will look extra beautiful, a gentle and elegant chest thanks to the black in combination with the lace.

Underwear does not have to be expensive. A special edition like this will cost us only 22.95 euros at Zara. A good price for a garment of high quality that allows us to take care of ourselves both inside and out. A base for our everyday life that we can discover in the new Zara collection.

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