Zara has the version of Marta Ortega’s viral dress at an irresistible price


“Heir” to Zara, Marta Ortega, knows how to wear the best guest look. He showed it at the wedding between Carlos Cortina and Carla Vega-Penichet, where it was not his “signature” but Valentino. And she caused a sensation in a double pink dress. Now we have the version of Marta Ortega’s viral dress in Zara. And at an irresistible price.

The businesswoman’s dress was a fuchsia sweater with a tight top underneath and this with a skirt that had a slit, which gave a sexier image. Ortega She is always one of the most elegant in all types of events because she knows fashion and is an absolute trend.

How is Marta Ortega’s version of the viral dress?

There is not one, if not several models that Zara has cloned the model of her own heir. They are inspired by your appearance because you know you liked it and now they will sell much more.

We are talking about a dress in pink, with long sleeves, cover style in satin fabric and V-neckline.

We are talking about shirt dress with buttoning and crossed V-neck. Long sleeves finished in a cuff with an opening that we have specified, and a pocket on the chest.

Marta Ortega's version of the viral dress is available in Zara for an irresistible price

It has a bow detail on the front and inside with a slit in the side that Marta Ortega wore at this wedding. Its price is 49.99 euros.

It is made 100% with viscose, and at Zara they recommend that we take care of the garments by washing them at low temperatures and with soft spin programs, they are more sensitive with the garments, which helps maintain the color, shape and structure of fabric.

It is then machine washed at a maximum of 30 ° C, with a short spin, without the use of bleach.

There is another version with braces so you go a little cooler when you have an event. Is he V-neck dress with knot and collections. At this point, she is wearing thin straps, even with a slit hem. Is he same color in fuchsia and has a side closure with a hidden zipper in the seam.

Marta Ortega's version of the viral dress is available in Zara for an irresistible price

It makes 100% viscose exterior and 100% polyester lining. The price is 39.99 euros. Now you can find it in all sizes from XS to L, but soon it may not be there, so it’s a good buy for this end of summer.

You can complement all these looks with accessories that Zara also has, such as bags and shoes that look like the businesswoman.

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