Zara has the perfect base for summer: black sandals with buckles


The classic for these months is coming. Then Zara they have the perfect base for summer. It is the black sandals with buckles that you will wear now and always, because they never go out of fashion.

They are also very comfortable because they do not have heels and so you take them everywhere. You will want them immediately!

Zara has the perfect base for summer

Yes, we’re talking about the usual sandals. That shoe flat sole and leather with wide straps and metal buckle. We have many versions of the same model and Zara has its own. In fact, they state on the website where you can buy them that the height of the sole is 2.5 cm.

The material in the season’s sandals

They have a classic cut but are very modern. At Inditex, they work with monitoring programs to ensure compliance with product safety, health and quality standards.

His court is 100% carbon leather, with lining in 100% goatskin while the sole is made of 100% thermoplastic rubber with an insole in 100% sheepskin. They also specify their care, such as cleaning the objects with a dry cotton cloth or a soft brush, depending on the characteristics of the product, to take better care of them.

What to wear these shoes with

The good thing about black and this tempting design is that it goes well with any outfit you decide to wear. From dresses and white pants, to shorts to be more casual, even with skirts when you want to go more elegant at night. To walk or walk to the beach, there are no more versatile sandals like these.

Zara has the perfect base for summer: black sandals with buckles

Where can you buy them?

You have them available on Zara’s website. Its price is 49.95 euros and the available sizes are from 35 to 42. So now you can choose yours and buy directly online. If you like this style, know that there are many other similar models on this site.

There is the flat sandal with a gold chain at a price of 55.95 euros; the flat animal of 29.99 euros, or the crab type with fabric at a price of 29.99 euros. They are really similar so you can choose the one you like best.

You already know that with this style you will be a hit during the summer and right now because you can wear them in the spring from the moment you buy them.

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