Zara has the lightest thermos to carry

The The world’s lightest thermos to carry, in the form of a small bag that looks like something from a Chanel collection, is finally available in Zara for very little money. Freshly brewed coffee or tea from home could save us a lot of money. If we always want to be active, bring our favorite drink to travel the world, we can do it with the help of Zara and a product that we will love. With padding Chanel and a functionality never seen before, this thermos it is disassembled for easier loading and drinking, no excuses.

The lightest thermos to carry is Zara

Zara makes our lives easier, We not only fall in love with their garments, but also with their cheap accessories. We make up for lost time again and adapt to this new era where being away from home is something that calls us more and more. The terraces and open spaces invite us to walk and there is no better way to do it than to always travel with our thermos.

A thermos can be the solution to not finding an open bar first thing in the morning or simply traveling with a quality drink without being noticed. Our favorite coffee It can be our companion from early in the morning until late at night. We can save and also enjoy a pleasure that with this thermos will go beyond borders.

It is a thermos for coffee with padded cummerbund and chain strap with shoulder strap detachable and adjustable that only Zara can achieve with such success. It does not look like a thermos, at first glance it may look like a designer bag from the latest Chanel collection, but inside it hides a secret. In addition to the chain and the outer padding that makes it easier to transport, there is a thermos that perfectly fulfills its function.

We extract the glass to be able to make our coffee normally, like any cup we have in the kitchen. We close it with the lid and are perfectly insulated from cold or heat. Then we mount it on the most beautiful bag that will be our dream thermos. With a luxurious finish and a low cost price, this thermos is the gift we have been waiting for.

For 25.95 euros and is available in three colors, this Zara thermos is meant to be the Christmas present. A low cost that becomes the most desired on a date when coffee and hot chocolate go hand in hand.

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