Zara covers the mythical newspaper dress from ‘Sex in New York’

Some of the outfits that Sarah Jessica Parker wore during the different seasons and the two films of sex in new york they have become part of the collective imagination, beyond fashion and trends. Now, with the restart of the series, many of the journalist’s most iconic looks Carrie Bradshaw they are completely up to date. This is the case with one of the most special dresses that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in the series.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a scene from “And just like that”. / Gtres

A sensual design with a newspaper print by John Galliano for Dior, with thin straps, a tight silhouette, a deep neckline at the back and an asymmetrical length that the journalist wears on a date with Mr Big around 2009. A model that, on Just like tutus or jeweled shoes, it is back in the spotlight.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a newspaper printed dress. / Gtres

And this is thanks to Zara. Inditex’s flagship has reinterpreted the model as it then carried Sarah Jessica Parker, in low-cost and winter version, perfect for these months. Carrie Bradshaw’s design was an underwear cut and, depending on accessories, it could be used both day and night. She specifically chose a very sexy look, with high-heeled shoes with lace details, a metal bag, sophisticated makeup and tousled hair.

Zara’s regular dress. / Zara

Now Zara suggests one more discreet reinterpretation of this look. With the same print, long sleeves, an asymmetrical neckline and a wrinkled waist – which refines the silhouette -. Perfect for winter or the first months of spring. A design that will win over journalists, but also fashionistas. The most interesting thing about the model is that it is available in all sizes at a price of less than thirty euros. However, it has every chance of becoming one of the brand’s next viral looks and will therefore sell out in no time.

Sarah Jessica Parker on a photo shoot. / Gtres

It is ideal to combine it with simple bowl shoes, with OTK boots, or even with ballerinas or ankle boots, depending on the type of look we are looking for. A cardigan or a black jacket will be the last touch to a design that can not be missing in the wardrobes of the series’ followers.

With the premiere of the reboot of the legendary TV series, there have been many styles, both current and vintage, that have caught the audience’s attention. In addition to the new clothes that the main character has worn, it has also been nodded to the original series through the clothes, with accessories or models that Sarah Jessica It took years or so to reinterpret some of its classics in a more contemporary way. This is the case with the tutu she wore in the original intro and which has now been changed in one of the scenes for a long tulle skirt.

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