Zara bustier that you can use for several Christmas tables: put on different accessories and get a new look


There are elegant clothes that you know will not let you down. That is the case withZara bustier which you should have both for the Christmas table and for Christmas Eve.

In black, it is the best garment you can have for these days and also for any type of event you create.

How is the Zara bustier that you can wear for Christmas

It has covered buttons with a sweet neckline and bare shoulders. It features flaps at the front and the closure is frontal with lined buttons in the same tone. It is combined with pants and also skirts, as well as shiny shorts that are usually in style these days.

what is it made of

The bustier, or sleeveless top, It is made of 100% polyester and 100% acetate lining. For their care, from Zara they reveal that to keep your jackets and coats clean, you just need to ventilate them and give them a cloth or a clothes brush. If dry cleaning is necessary, try to find dry cleaners that use environmentally friendly technology. The most important thing is to look at the label on the garment, something you have just in case to not ruin this garment.

In order for the bustier to last longer, it is better not to wash, not to use bleach/bleach, to iron at a maximum of 110ºC and not to use tumble dryers.

complete your look

To wear this elegant garment, there are several combinations that you can make from Zara. On the one hand, there are black trousers, which when worn create a good outfit and also look like a very sophisticated black jumpsuit.

Zara bustier that you can use for several Christmas tables: put on different accessories and get a new look

These trousers have a high waist with front pockets and a false welt pocket at the back. It has a front zipper, inside button and metal hook. Its price is 29.95 euros, in sizes XS and L. so hurry because they are running out.

At the same time, We have an irregular inner bustier with transparencies and embroidery, its price is 25.95 euros, in a variety of sizes. You also have high heels, boots and even those platform shoes that are best for Christmas parties.

A price that fits your pocket

The The price of this Zara bustier is 35.95 euros with prices ranging from XS to XL, so you’ll be spoiled for choice on the one that suits you. But don’t fall asleep because just like you, many people are already looking at the clothes for this Christmas, so you should keep it as soon as possible.


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