Zara brings out in blue the embroidered blouse that Tamara Falcó uses more

Tamara Falcó wears stylish garments as special as the blouse embroidered from Zara in red which has been reissued in a beautiful blue color. The effect Falco It has been noticed on a garment that as soon as the businesswoman and the chef wear it, it is sometimes exhausted. To continue the style of Isabel Preysler’s daughter Zara has created a new version in a different color, it is even nicer than the original in red tones. With this beautiful blue color it is one blouse perfect for summer.

Tamara Falcó uses this blue embroidered blouse from Zara

Tamara Falcó’s preferences for low-cost garments of brands like Zara cause a wave of purchases in this store. A few days ago, she wore a beautiful embroidered blouse that did not go unnoticed. It was a garment that has become a good base for everyday life and has been reissued thanks to the success it has had.

A blouse is a spectacular piece for everyday life. It is a type of garment that we can wear in a thousand different ways. In a way, it will be what makes the difference. We can discover a whole universe of possibilities when we get hold of a most original and versatile blouse.

embroidery is fashionable. We have seen influencers and fashion experts wear embroidery on blouses and dresses. We return to a past where handmade works were crucial. This blouse will seem to have been sewn by hand, even though it is one of the garments from the new Zara collection that has the best possible cover letter in these embroideries.

The white and blue give this blouse a feeling of the most Mediterranean-inspired. It will remind us of a trip to the Greek islands or an excursion near the sea. It is a garment that inspires joy, summer and outdoor life. A good basic if we want to get a blouse that will always be beautiful, it never goes out of fashion.

Puffed sleeves with elastic cuff They assure us that we can raise or lower them depending on the cold or heat. We can wear it in the spring and summer simply by adjusting the sleeves to the outdoor temperature. It is a good option to get a garment of the highest quality for every day.

Zara sells the blue blouse that Tamara Falcó has worn the most for only 29.95 eurosalthough it has begun to disappear in some sizes, it is awaiting replacement.

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