Zara bass sandals to combine with everything in the summer


Many times in the simplest are the garments we love the most. And it’s time to dump her and move on flip flops from Zara basics. What should you wear this summer with the best clothes.

It is chocolate colored, with straps and really flashy. You must have it for this season.

What are the basic Zara sandals

are those shoes flat and padded which you will wear for its extreme comfort. Something you need to go to the beach, the pool or to go out at night with your best strapless dresses.

With a thick sole, it is one of the summer hits Zara and you will not miss it. The sole is 3 cm, enough for you to walk well and everywhere.

Brown in color, fits well long jumpsuits in black, with shorts and summer peaks, With those beige or khaki pants to go on adventures and a little more elegant dinners. Because everything goes well, and it’s basic, that is, you do not need much to be able to combine and stand out with them.

what is your material

We also want to know how this sandal is made. Well, from Inditex, they indicate that they are working with monitoring software to ensure compliance with the safety standards of the products they sell.

Zara bass sandals to combine with everything in the summer

For this, perhaps zApatilla is included in the Green to Wear 2.0 standard which minimizes the environmental impact of textile production. Its upper is made of 100% polyurethane, while the sole is 100% thermoplastic rubber and the insole is 100% polyurethane.

Where do you buy this sandal?

It is not necessary to search too much as it is available on Zara’s website. His the price is 29.95 euros and you want it now For this reason we tell you that it is available in sizes 36 to 41, so look for yours and do not miss the shoe of the moment. It has a really attractive design and what stands out is its innovative design and also its great comfort.

Because really, we are looking for that comfort of being able to go everywhere. In it Zara website you will have this and many other sandals for this new season that has already begun. This is what you need to get rid of the closed shoes that you are still wearing and that it is time to put aside. There are different models, designs and even prices.

It’s time to dump her and move on.

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