Zara ankle boots in Valentino style and at a low cost price


There are clones of other garments that, while not of the same quality, are well worth considering. That is the case with Ankle boots in Zara Valentino style which you will buy for a low cost price.

They look similar because they are black ankle boots and have studs, something that elevates this shoe to make you look your best at the party.

Stay with Zara’s Valentino style ankle boots

Valentino’s Rockstud ankle boots stand out for their excellent and fine design and for being made of calf leather with moose engraving. Among its details: studs with a platinum finish, elastic on the sides in a matching tone, studded rubber sole, with a heel height of 80 mm, and made in Italy.

For all this, the price is 980 euros, which are the equivalent of such companies if you want to wear a burlap that will last you practically a lifetime.

Ankle boots with studded heels from Zara

But if you don’t have that money available, you can certainly buy the clone of these boots which is from Zara.

They also have studs which is a high heeled ankle boot. As we have pointed out, we find the details of metal studs on the front and back, with a fitting cut and a pointed finish. It closes with a zipper on the side.

Zara ankle boots in Valentino style and at a low cost price

It is made from at least 30% recycled synthetic rubber. In addition, the upper is 100% polyurethane, the lining is 90% polyester · 10% polyurethane, the sole is 100% thermoplastic polyurethane and the insole is 100% polyester.

The The price of these boots, which you can already sign for the Christmas holidays, is 49.95 euros and it comes in sizes from 35 to 42, so you can choose the one that fits you best. That way you have a very different shoe and similar to Valentino’s but at a very low price.

The buy directly on Zara’s websiteIf you don’t know the size and if you don’t have it, you can always go to the physical store to see if the model is there, see the size, try it on and buy it immediately. In addition, Zara has a variety of boots and boots that are favorites for this winter because they are elegant, stylish brands and you are also much warmer when it comes to going everywhere.

Is perfect with blazer and jacket suits, with jeans, skinny pants and those sequined dresses you know you’ll be wearing this Christmas. They are so elegant and sophisticated that it will surely be one of the ones you will choose for all your outings.


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