Zara aims high, perfectly copying Louis Vuitton’s Damier dress for 2,500 euros


The Damier dress from Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous of this brand luxury, an icon that Zara have not hesitated to copy and make it more beautiful. Louis Vuitton It is within reach of a few, its designs according to the same schedule and the quality of the raw material used in its garments and accessories make its products more expensive. Owning a Louis Vuitton is a privilege that only those who can spend 2,500 euros on one dress. For the rest of the mortals, we have the Zara option, cheaper and more beautiful.

The Damier dress from Louis Vuitton is masterfully versioned by Zara

Louis Vuitton is Zara’s source of inspiration to create a truly extraordinary garment. The checkered dress that made the luxury brand famous has been versioned by Zara in a very special color that attracts attention as soon as you see it. The black and white squares have been colored in an impressive shade of red.

The fashion experts they will immediately recognize the Louis Vuitton pattern which seems to be reflected in a very similar garment perfect for almost any occasion. It’s time to invest in knitted dresses. If you look at an autumn full of emotions, they are the most comfortable option for our day to day life.

Zara aims high, perfectly copying Louis Vuitton's Damier dress for 2,500 euros

The pictures have a fun touch. As if it were a chessboard or pieces, we will wear a type of pattern that attracts attention at first glance. The Vichy images are a more discreet person of this idea, born of Louis Vuitton’s genius. This dress has an original air that makes you fall in love.

The type of design is very seventies. The mini version of a garment that always looks good, with a pattern that stylizes a lot and lengthens the legs, makes this dress a timeless staple. High boots, ankle boots or sports shoes can be all we need to create an impressive overall look.

Zara’s dress costs 22.95 euros, a real bargain if we take into account that we buy a garment that is almost identical to Louis Vuittons. It is worth investing in Damier in a low-cost version to get a luxurious design thanks to Zara. Impossible to miss this opportunity to fill our wardrobe this fall with garments with an original touch and as comfortable as this dress.

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