Yvonne Reyes and Pepe Navarro buried the axe


Seville hosted this Friday Show award. Many well-known faces have moved to the city of Seville, including Yvonne Reyes, Who appeared again, very excited. “I want to give an award, although I should accept it,” he said with his unique sense of humor. “I am very happy and very happy, really. I am very excited because this is my first time to participate in these awards. I am very happy to be here,” she said with a smile. However, the reporters present wanted to know when he was with his ex-partner. Pepe NavalOr, endless confrontations with whom.

Ivonne Reyes at Escaparate 2021./Gtres Award

“The show prize…really, We turn the pageEverything is fine,” Yvonne told reporters. For many years, models and producers have been in an unprecedented war. So many that they have to take legal action to seek justice to mediate. One of the most acclaimed couples in the chronicles of our society.

Ivonne Reyes (Ivonne Reyes) wears a flamenco-style dress at the 2021 Escaparate Awards.  /Gtres
Ivonne Reyes (Ivonne Reyes) wears a flamenco-style dress at the 2021 Escaparate Awards. /Gtres

This is not the first time Ivonne Reyes has tried to avoid everything related to her predecessor. A few weeks ago, he confessed something similar.»We are good, we are good. I am fine, the truth is that I will only talk to you about fashion,” he said. It was at that time that the actress also revealed where her son Alejandro, the former contestant of “Survivor” was. “My son said he is very happy, very happy, very healthy, and very good at studying”, Said.

Ivonne Reyes and Pepe Navarro buried their axes.  /Gtres
Ivonne Reyes and Pepe Navarro buried their axes. /Gtres

An encounter with Pepe Navarro is precisely related to the fatherhood of this young man, who has been in the spotlight for many years. Last May, the producer’s first ex-wife Eva Zaldívar, who was satisfied with Reyes’ final decision, issued a statement: waiving alimony. «I don’t know if it’s from her or a child, but it’s clear In that trial, he has been asked about his work activities and paternity test», explained the business woman.

“I don’t know if they have seen the wolf’s ears, and think they will ask for a paternity test for maintenance. This is something they don’t want to do,” he said.Later, Zaldívar added, “Already They have evidence, they know he is not a son. And you want to receive a pension when you know that you have also taken a private exam and you know that you are not a son…We don’t know what will happen».Zaldivar confirmed that he often talked to his predecessors and stated that “Before the case goes to court and is resolved in court, Pepe It won’t stop. A truth has not been revealed yet, they have evidence, we have evidence, they all say that this is not a son. We already know.

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