You’re on time !: Asos rubber boots you may still need


We usually think that when spring starts, we will save the boots for next autumn and replace them with sandals and open shoes. Nothing could be further from the truth. If spring is characterized by something, it is to be a season where the weather is very varied. During the first and last hour of the day, the temperatures continue to be low and in addition, the rain can apply at any time. So it’s still a good time to get hold of Asos rubber boots for this season.

Although rubber boots have always been very basic shoes, which we use more for functionality than for aesthetics, things have changed a lot in the fashion world in recent years. Now we can find rubber boots with as much style as chelsea style from Asoswith track sole and side panel detail.

They have several details that make them a shoe that we need yes or yes in our wardrobe. The pastel blue color is wonderful because it gives a very elegant and romantic touch to the look and also it is very easy to combine. With jeans, a pink fine knit sweater and a beige quilted vest, we have the perfect look to go to the office.

The track sole It has been one of the big trends of 2021, and it will continue to be the main character of 2022. Because it is thick, it is much more comfortable when you walk and spend many hours on your feet. In addition, it insulates the foot from soil moisture on rainy days.

To all this must be added side panels and the loop at the top of the shaft, which makes the boots very comfortable to put on and take off. During the autumn and winter, they have been one of Aso’s best-selling rubber boots, but fortunately all sizes are still available, from 36 to 41.

Boots that we can have in the bottom of the closet because we do not know when it will rain. For a not too warm spring look, we can combine them with a dress in a shirt and long midi and one trenchcoat.

If you liked them as much as we did and you want to get Asos rubber boots, they are for sale € 34.99 in the online store. They certainly will not take long to run out!

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