You can find engagement rings for less than 700 euros


pass through altar This is always the moment most couples dream of. Preparations, guests, how everything will be organized… Thousands of questions have appeared before this event, which will mark the front and back of their lives. But before getting into the details of this type, you must decide which alliance to choose to request marriage. Although they are usually a bit expensive, the truth is that they also have more affordable prices.Highly recognized companies, such as Rabat, nobleman or Suarez jeweler They have several models, which we will show you below.

Rabat Engagement Ring

This white gold ring with a 0.15 carat center diamond may be your chance. Rabat designed this simple but eye-catching model for 680 Euros. However, you must consider the carat number, because the more you have, the more expensive it will be.

Rabat jewelry engagement ring. /Rabat

«A tribute to eternal love, love to another person. The arm design that supports the diamond reproduces the U shape, allowing the diamond to shine in all its brilliance. Its comfortable fit finish and rounded interior reduce friction and make it more comfortable to use,” they said on their website.

Noble Ring

In another price range, we have this design from noble 289 euros. Large star ring with topaz and diamonds in sterling silver. Retro style, set with 56 brilliant cut 0.21 carat gray diamonds from the Stellar collection.

Aristocratic engagement ring. /noble
Aristocratic engagement ring. /noble

It can be purchased in physical stores and websites in sizes 11 to 13.

Suarez Jewellery Ring

finally, Suarez Propose this engagement ring model-690 Euro-to perfectly define sophistication. This is an engagement solitaire made of 18 carats of white gold and 0.11 carats of marquise-cut white diamonds.

Suarez Jewelry Engagement Ring. /Suarez
Suarez Jewelry Engagement Ring. /Suarez

D. Emiliano Suarez Faffián is one of the pioneers of the jeweler and watchmaking industry. He founded the first jewellery shop-workshop in Bilbao in 1943, which is the origin of the Suarez Group today. “For more than 40 years, the Suarez family has continued to create unique jewelry by personally selecting raw materials in the place of origin, and has recognized expertise in the industry”, they explained from a company that has nearly 75 years of experience and “experience in luxury Comprehensive image and prestige in the world”.

Joyerías Suarez has several locations in Spain: Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Marbella, Alicante, Murcia, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, A Coruña , Palma de Mallorca and Oviedo. Nevertheless, Suarez has become one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in our country.

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