Yolanda Díaz asks banks and large distributors to be with the people


Valencia (EFE) sides with the people in this crisis and “gets wet” for the country.

During a public act in Valencia to present the Sumar platform, Díaz defended that by acting from the public sphere, people’s way of life can be changed, but he regretted that there were two questions about which no action is taken: the right to housing and food.

“The banks are getting richer with the rise in interest rates”, he assured, and pleaded that in times of crisis this sector must say that it “is with the people and will freeze mortgages retroactively from the rise in Euribor”.

On food, he criticized that with an “unbearable” CPI of 15.4%, the country’s big retailers are increasing their profits “outrageously”, and urged them to “get wet for the country”. and to guarantee a “healthy and wholesome shopping basket for the people”.

The second vice-president of the government, Yolanda Díaz. EFE/Biel Aliño

The Sumar Project by Yolanda Díaz

Yolanda Díaz affirmed, in front of the several hundred people who attended the event held at Feria Valencia -including three members of the Valencian government-, that in this project “there is no one left” and that came to politics ‘to change people’s lives, not to make noise and joy.’

“Sumar is about changing people’s lives and challenging hopes. Let’s dispute our hopes, let’s not get distracted, let’s not make noise, let’s tell people who are going through a bad time that we are going to restore their confidence,” he said, noting that whoever turns away from this path “don’t does not serve the purpose of changing” people’s lives.

Díaz, who was twice interrupted by Labor Front activists, defends that the law of only yes is yes is important and that the Supreme Court must be allowed to work, questioned by an aide in the act on the controversy generated by this standard.

The leader of Sumar cited the Valencian Community as an example of a government to be proud of at the moment, against the “model of Francisco Camps and the corruption of the PP”, whose emblem, she said, “His name is Rodrigo Rato and he is in prison.”


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