Yemen: Christians are experiencing a sharp increase in arrests and torture


This story will not attract attention. The international media is too concerned with stories about Muslims in Europe suffering from insulting comments.

“Your prayers are needed for Christians in Yemen shaken by arrest and torture,” Open Doors, November 8, 2022:

Your prayers are urgently needed for our brothers and sisters in Yemen. There has been a sharp increase in arrests, and torture has been used to extract information from believers. “Her faith is faltering,” they have told Puertas Abiertas.

Yemen is number five on the World Watch List, making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world to live as a Christian.

Christians in Yemen are experiencing a sharp increase in arrests and torture, which has a traumatic impact on the believers affected and their families.

The peak has come in recent months. These are not linked to a specific network of churches, but to several different ones.

“We are especially concerned that torture is used to force Christians to give up information about the activities of believers or the names of other believers,” says an Open Doors spokesperson.

Some of the arrested Christians have been released, but are struggling with the aftermath of the torture they suffered.

“They are shocked and they are struggling with their faith…”

“We see that their arrest and torture also had, and still have, a profound impact on their families,” the spokesperson adds. “They are shocked and they are struggling with their faith, while counting that God would forgive them, that God would intervene. Their faith is shaken.”…


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