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Singer Clara Luciani will launch fuchsia Christmas lights on the Champs Elysées on November 21, hoping that the 10 million tourists who celebrated at the end of the year will “leave” after the “yellow vest” crisis and the Covid crisis .

For the fourth consecutive year, until Sunday, January 9, the “Flamboyance” lights produced by Blachère will be dressed up in fuchsia dresses on the famous Parisian Avenue from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am every day, and December 24 Overnight on New Year’s Eve until the 31st.

Champs Elysees Committee Chairman Marc-Antoine Jamet stated at a press conference on Thursday that the Champs Elysees Committee’s budget of 1 million euros is synonymous with “sustainability and sustainability”. The committee claimed that its energy expenditures showed a “thrifty and sober” presentation.

He compares that 23,400 kWh of lighting is “equivalent to the electricity consumption of a family of four in an apartment for a year”.

The committee brought together 180 economic and cultural participants in the region, hoping to have at least 150,000 tourists a day during the year-end holiday period, and “strive to reach 10 million people” during this period.

Mr. Jamet insisted that established in 1980, “these lightings are vital to the image of this avenue in the world, and they are of decisive significance.”

With the “yellow vest” crisis and the health crisis, “three years is very complicated,” he admitted, “but we never thought that the Champs Elysées had declined.”

He told AFP that if “Covid, the price of certain brands may be -70%,” he told AFP, “The Avenue has moved from resilience to recovery.” Many commercial projects are underway, and the Avenue will be carried out in the future. Refurbished.

An update that must be embodied by the godmother of lighting, Clara Luciani, her latest hit “Breathe Again” is an anthem of lifting confinement and regaining life.

Marc-Antoine Jamet said: “Our goal is zero vacant space and no assets to sell.”

On Wednesday, Swedish clothing giant H&M just announced that it hopes to close its store on the Champs Elysées 11 years after its installation.

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