Xi warns Biden: Taiwan is ‘the first red line’ he must not cross


During the meeting held in Bali for the G20 meeting, the president of chinaXi Jinping warned his American counterpart, Joe Bidenenough to Taiwan is “the first red line” that he must not cross if he wants to bring bilateral relations to a safe harbor.

After the meeting, which lasted just over three hours, Biden ruled out that there was a “imminent risk” of China’s attack on Taiwan despite rising tensions in the area.

The US leader said he had let Xi know that the policy of United States on the island, which Beijing considers as one more province under its sovereignty, “has not changed”.

However, prior to the meeting, he had repeatedly indicated that the United States will militarily defend Taiwan in case China takes steps towards military intervention or conflict, according to information gathered by the CNN television channel.

“I made it clear that I wanted to see how the issues in the Taiwan Strait would be resolved peacefully, so the matter should never go any further,” he said before emphasizing that he is confident that Xi “understood perfectly what I was saying”. .

North Korea

Biden also stressed that there was a lack of “certainty” about China’s true influence on issues related to North Koreasuch as carrying out ballistic tests.

“I let President Xi Jinping know that they have an obligation to try to make North Korea not get involved in nuclear issues and I made it clear that in the event that Pyongyang conducts a nuclear test, we should take defensive measures that will not go against China,” he said.

In this sense, he stressed that he considers that Xi “is not looking for an increase in tensions” on the Korean peninsula and tried to underline what “the North Korean attitude” implies for the United States in the region. .

“It is difficult to determine whether or not China has the ability to convince Kim Jong Un that he put aside his pitches and essays. I am convinced that China does not want North Korea to be involved in escalating tensions,” he said.

On the other hand, he stressed the importance of American democracy in reference to the midterm elections, known as mid Road, held recently.

The results, as he pointed out, “show the strength and resilience” of American democracy. “What we saw was action. The American people have shown once again that we are a democracy,” he said.

“The elections show a clear rejection of those who deny the results of the presidential elections. There is also a rejection of political violence and voter intimidation,” he said.


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