Xandra Falcó talks about Esther Doña’s romance


Sandra Falco Participated in the fifteenth edition celebration this Friday Show award. Pilatos’ house has been chosen as the venue for the grand event. The estate is known for the traditional place of the Duke of Medinacelli, and the title currently belongs to Victoria de Honhenlohe.Deceased’s daughter Carlos Falco Already placed Photograph Later, he attended the press conference with his best smile. First, he talked about how he views Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva. “She is very happy because she has just completed the Le Cordon Bleu cooking course. She personally called all the brothers and told us that with her partner, I think she is very happy,” she began to say excitedly.

Xandrá Falcó in the “Photography” of the Escaparate Awards 2021. /Gtres

After a while, she was asked about the new relationship Esther Donna, The widow of his father, the Marquis of Grignon. “I think you have rebuilt your life and moved on, which is good. I am happy for her,” she said sincerely. This noble partner has established a new relationship with Santiago Pedraz. In fact, through his social network, he occasionally shared this photo with his new love. “It’s nice to go home,” he wrote in a post. Last August, they posed in an idyllic garden.

Xandrá Falcó in the
Xandrá Falcó in the “Photography” of the Escaparate Awards 2021. /Gtres

Regarding the controversy caused by the Instagram biography, Esther Doña previously put “Grignon’s Widow of Marquesa” in it, and Xandra admitted that she didn’t know anything. “If he removes it, that’s fine,” he said. “To me, there seems to be no right or wrong. She is a person who loves my father very much and is now rebuilding his life,” he commented.

In this wonderful date, the daughter of Marquis de Griñón and Jeannine Girod wore a black strapless long dress with a beige headscarf with red floral details. The hairstyle he wore, as always, followed the same route: parting on one side and some small waves. On the other hand, he bet on thin gold XXL earrings.

Esther Doña and Carlos Falcó in the file image.  /Gtres
Esther Doña and Carlos Falcó in the file image. /Gtres

2020 is a year of destiny Sandra Falco. On March 20, just a few days after the country declared a state of alert, Carlos Falcó died of coronavirus at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in Madrid at the age of 83. Just a few months later, the husband of Tamara Falco’s sister and financier Jaime Carvajal Hoyos (Jaime Carvajal Hoyos) died suddenly at the age of 56.As the magazine announced, “The world was turned upside down that day”, this was the first sentence of his widow after the incident. Vanity Fair.

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